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Stanley, you make a fair point, it is hard for Wicklow to generate large funds as we don't have a key benefactor and compared to other counties, we don't have a massive following in terms of numbers - would people contribute for a high profile manager, maybe? I find it hard to believe that Wicklow as a county couldn't sell naming rights to Aughrim, it isn't as though there is a personal identify associate with the grounds already and Carlow (who are a similar size to ourselves in the GAA world) could secure naming rights to Dr. Cullen Park. These kind of initiatives seem obvious but they don't ever materialize.

wicklowsupport (Wicklow) - Posts: 1294 - 09/04/2015 13:33:45    1712419


@wicklowsupport. I totally agree with you regarding Aughrim. Looking at near neighbours Wexford and Carlow who've both secured naming rights for their country grounds it seems odd that we haven't followed suit. Perhaps there's something in the pipe-line, I have no idea. Let's face it though, I doubt it's that much of a draw for any company to cough up for this but given the very shabby state of Aughrim you'd have to think that even a few quid towards maintaining/improving the grounds would be better than nothing!

I don't have all the answers I'm afraid. I have however signed up for Ballinakill- I see this as a minimum I can do to support my county. I'm reluctant to blame any county board or other volunteers from the comfort of my armchair. Experience has taught me how easy it is to criticise from the outside without knowing all the facts.

stanley (None) - Posts: 434 - 09/04/2015 14:06:28    1712435


Our latest manager can get stuck into Micko all he likes, however Micko thought Wicklow how to win a game of football. Now we cannot beat London at home, or anybody else for that matter.

County Board should resign and get people in if they can't attract funds as well. We have the population to put a credible team together but not the expertise or drive it seems.

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts: 2718 - 09/04/2015 14:40:39    1712454


McGee wasn't laying to Micko he was only telling the truth & if you bothered looking at the other posts you would see what McGee is trying do & he was right in what he said there was over 18 players missing through injury & retirement & there is nothing coming through the under age! He is the first manger that has put in a proper Stregnth and conditioning coach! Did you note all the club mangers backing him because he wants the county players playing well with there clubs as much as Wicklow. Micko won a few championship games but never put in any long term plans for the future & never brought in any young lads & never made any subs

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I,m fed up listening to posts about strength and conditioning, as if it is the answer to all our problems,it has its place but only after we produce quality footballers,and that is down to our Clubs,you can feed an Ass all the top food you like, and strengthen and condition him all you like, but he is never going to win the Derby or Grand National,Micko got the best out of what he had and sometimes he even had them punching well above their weight,the reason he didn't bring sub's on was he had a core of about 17 players who could compete and the rest were only making up numbers.Most of them are now first choice players and we can see why Micko didn't have a lot of faith in them.McGee can talk up these players all he likes and say we are going to beat Meath,I can tell you now this team won't keep the ball kicked out to them in Navan

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 09/04/2015 22:04:21    1712599


I think the biggest problem that we have in Wicklow is a reluctance to work together as a county. We need every part of the county pulling together both on and off the field to have any chance of having success at any level. Micko is the greatest manager in the history of the GAA and the day he walked into the county, every one especially the players believed that we were going to achieve something - he brought the same to kildare and laois. I don't believe that Magee has the same effect on the present squad and in fairness how could he but if he can help put the structures in place in his 3 year term then I think it will be a job well done plus it is very hard to judge a manager at the moment as we don't have the required quality of player for this level based upon what I have seen. I think Magee realizes that he needs to be on side with the clubs where previous manager(s) just wanted to focus on the senior panel. It will take us a number of years to get players coming through so there will be tough days at the office before we can be back to where we were when Micko was on board.

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tend to agree with Pistelero here .

Strength & Conditioning is important and probably the difference between being a Top 8 side and not - assuming you have talented , well coached , drilled & skilled players in the first place.

Hence referring back to Ballinakill and hoping we address the imbalance. Since the decent underage sides back to 2002 , players coming through thereafter aren't of the same level in terms of basic intercounty required skills. Coaching and basic skills lacking.

Pistelero has mentioned in the past some current county footballers that don't execute the basic skills & although I haven't seen Wicklow this year - I assume the same applies this campaign and I thus agree with him.

Basic requirement for intercounty football is to be dedicated , hungry , quick of mind & feet , combined with excellent range of kick passing and handpassing off both feet & hands - all combined with excellent positional / ball reading ability . If you have 15 lads with that - then Strength and conditioning comes into play and drives you onto a Top 8 side - not before. Hence we need to go back and look at U15's Development Squads & below and address skills gap. Urgently.

Ballinakill is where our hopes need to reside & hope in 3-5 years we see proper green shoots appearing

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Told you all that years ago Square ball even when you were calling yourself AN other. I told you the money spent in mickos time was been spent on the wrong team and the reason I said it is because I knew what I was seeing at underage level back then. A woeful fall of in numbers of young fellas playing the game after under 14 and those that were had nt been coached right at all. You and others lapped it up in the Micko era when he got the most of a fairly limited team but the chickens are roosting now. And I will say another thing things are not much better now either. Ballinakill is great and the academy is well set up but there isnt a cent to keep it going. Imagine what the Micko money could do now.

I see you changed your tune completely on Stength and conditioning. You were all for it before waffling about fellas beings knocked over easily when it had nothing to do with their strength and all to do with there hands and eyes. Now you think it's only needed if your going to be a top 8 team. You are a gas man you really are.

Pat Mustard (None) - Posts: 343 - 10/04/2015 20:47:54    1712885


I for one am glad that we lapped it up during Micko's era as it is probably going to be the only time that I will get to experience anything resemble pride in my county's performance in my lifetime. As a county we did very little before and we have done precious little since so I don't believe for one second that if we had the money that we supposedly gave to him that we would have done anything with it, at least, we got a bit of value for it during his tenure with some great days against the likes of Kildare, Cavan, Fermanagh, Down and Armagh.

wicklowsupport (Wicklow) - Posts: 1294 - 10/04/2015 22:04:56    1712902


Pat Mustard - glad you gave up embarrassing yourself trying to conclude I was Wicklowsupport and a raft of other posters all in one - maybe not though ... I'm an an other or something now ? .. Oh well old dogs and new tricks and all that good stuff ...

Micko Money : firstly , this so called money - educate us ? ... Was Ballymore Properties not our sponsor at the time ?... Play it forward 7 years and do the maths as to what was possible then with Ballymore and now with nothing.... I thought what Micko brought was fantastic - for a period dragged GAA out of the dark ages in Wicklow and gave verve , life , enthusiasm and hope for the future

Our county board and more importantly our clubs and our schools didn't capitalise on the goodwill at the time in its entirety and the opportunity to build a collective base of well coached motivated and enthusiastic youngsters and a production line was missed.

Strength and conditioning : you misread my point . Basics will always be basics - well drilled , skilled players is the base line and that happens from coaching at underage level . Progress at underage level is a must . Since 2002 we have been frankly woeful at underage Minor and above - we have fallen off a steep cliff. Strength and conditioning is absolutely necessary - but not before the basics are there . If it was exclusively about strength and conditioning you could coach 15 heavy weight boxers that barely kicked a ball previous to an All Ireland. High skill level combined thereafter with Strength and conditioning = highly successful top 8 sides. Donegal , Dublin , Cork would not have won All Ireland's without the fine balance of both.

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 11/04/2015 08:26:42    1712907


Totally with you on that Wicklowsupport! Heady days that I feel lucky to have been around to enjoy! Some bitter people on here probably didn't enjoy them like us as they were already predicting doom and disaster-it seems to be a coping mechanism for some people! Look at many of the mindless posts on here....can be best summarised into 3 groups from my observations:

1. 'XXX is a disgrace and should resign' (never a suggestion of who'll replace him though!)
2. 'This is the worst display from a Wicklow team ever!....(a quick look at the records will tell you that's not true but people will insist!
3. 'I told you this would happen/didn't I tell......' (what's that about hindsight and 20/20 vision?!)

Incidentally, the lowest point for me was watching us getting beaten out the gate by Carlow in Wexford Park in 2005....I think a relatively meaningless league defeat against London with a second/third string team isn't quite the signal for the Apocalypse that some here would like to think...

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Squareball,very interesting opinions on Second Captains tonight.Rugby player John Fogarty ws on panel discussing player concussion, he feels juvenile players should be coached in every skill of the game right through the phases which takes years before strength and conditioning,which should be only after all the skills are in place.Mayos Ciaran McDonnald was a special guest and said he never did Gym work,he went to work at 4 in the morning and worked 12 hours day on non training days,he worked in construction and drove 2 hours to Castlebar for training. Ciaran said Maurice Fitzgerald was the best footballer he ever saw,he had all the skills of the game and practiced them constantly,food for thought me thinks.

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I think strength and conditioning has its place in sport including gaelic football but the problem is that county management setups across the country have become obsessed with it, along with defensive tactics which in my opinion has destroyed gaelic football from a spectator's view point but that is a bigger argument. I still think that 15-18 gifted individuals where each players knows their role will make progress in the current climate as there are a lot of mediocre inter county teams on the scene currently - you can't beat a good scoring forward who can kick with both feet, look at Colm O'Neill in Cork or James O'Donoghue in Kerry. I think as a county we should be ensuring that all young players have a good grasp of the basics, encourage them to practice them and give them a competitive environment at club level which doesn't exist at the moment as proved by club games in recent championships that are very one side. The club scene in Wicklow should be seriously looked at as a lot of current issues stem from there.

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