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Does anyone know for absolute certainty when the Wicklow Senior County Final will be played?

InItForTheGear (Wicklow) - Posts: 5 - 14/10/2013 13:46:42    1500617


Final is on Saturday 26th. Then Leinster championship on Sunday 27th for whoever wins

wicklowway (Wicklow) - Posts: 40 - 14/10/2013 14:42:16    1500645


the next day??lol

i.am.ahab. (Wicklow) - Posts: 254 - 14/10/2013 15:23:28    1500665


Its been done b4 Carnu had to play castletown laoise a 6 or 7 years ago day after winning championship and drew i think glenaly had to do same a few ago as well

small ball (Wicklow) - Posts: 278 - 14/10/2013 15:43:54    1500670


If Aughrim was a floodlit venue wouldn't life be alot simpler for fixtures. Why we have to play the co. Final the day before leinster is terrible. The intermediate leinster campaign has been handed a walkover as well. Imagine wicklow actually went far as a county in d all Ireland series. We be playing club championship with Santa Claus. The meath senior football semi final took place Friday night week ago. Simple solution

kodak13 (Wicklow) - Posts: 55 - 14/10/2013 15:55:10    1500673


Back in 2003, Arles Kilcruise beat Stradbally to win the Laois SFC on the Saturday and the next day they beat O' Hanrahans in the Leinster club. However having said that, it is definitely not ideal.

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1105 - 14/10/2013 17:52:12    1500758


So its been changed again? Now Sunday 27th? So when is the Leinster? Have we lost home advantage now?

InItForTheGear (Wicklow) - Posts: 5 - 15/10/2013 21:10:48    1501370


depends on the leinster decision to postpone first round or nlot. If postponed then no problem home advantage is gone. if not postponed then final on sat 26th and leinster next day 27th in wicklow

sirlarry (Wicklow) - Posts: 512 - 15/10/2013 21:48:45    1501387