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Seeing as he's appointed in Westmeath. I was just wondering did I hear before ge had a son playing minor football for Wexford?

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1112 - 11/09/2013 10:21:50    1479725


Bealin son Jonathan played minor football for Wexford in 2010.He must have lived in Wexford for a couple years,back playing club football in Dublin with Parnells(managed by Paul Bealin)

Gael85 (Dublin) - Posts: 1433 - 09/10/2013 19:03:59    1498660


yea the "club" Parnells

gahfan (Wexford) - Posts: 557 - 10/10/2013 12:19:27    1498894