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Wexford Senior Hurlers 2013 - Review

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freddy2 (Wexford) - Posts: 215 - 02/10/2013 12:43:43    1493471


Ice your opening post re the drawn Dublin game says "This was my favourite Wexford display of the year, we showed bravery and a great attitude." In your post of yesterday "The first game was the worst performance by that Dublin team all year and was a dreadful game where no matter how bad they were we still couldn't win." Think you may have a split personality:)

I guess I just meant in light of how Dublin performed in the rest of the championship, especially against Cork, you'd have to say that the Dublin team against us the first day and the one which played Cork were totally different animals?

icehonesty (Wexford) - Posts: 2487 - 02/10/2013 14:35:06    1493616


I'm ready to not attend a single hurling match next year, and for the first time ever would advocate a strike on this.

Pinkie (Wexford) - Posts: 4100 - 02/10/2013 15:44:43    1493736


strike are you joking me , are we turning into cork now or something, if we are in 1b we win it and get promoted end of story, we have shafted some of our own clubs in recent years so what goes around comes around. i cant see us getting support on this from anyone only offaly. the top eight teams get two extra matches and more matches means more money for them so it looks glumey for us at best , but i would not go down the striking route

hurlorhurley (Wexford) - Posts: 1428 - 02/10/2013 16:53:43    1493835


how is us, as fans, striking going to help? If the team did it, that would be one thing, but there is no way we should be giving up on our team because of the powers in croke park. utterly stupid. fans striking, whilst stupid, hits our team. it means they dont get support and importantly dont get money from the gates. so who loses out? the GAA? no, sure they have nothing to do with it. it only hurts our conty even more by giving up on them.

I saw elsewhere pinkie you would give up on the Under 8s and Under 10s. you'd be better of staying with them, you'll be playing on full size pitches soon enough and need the experience.*

*messing by the way. but dont give up helping underage teams. what does that solve?

james2011 (Wexford) - Posts: 563 - 02/10/2013 17:01:25    1493845


i honestly dont get why everyone is up in arms about this last year we finished where in the league again. IF we are any good we should win the league 1B or whatever they call it. we should at least reach the final which would give us two extra games and a chance at promotion and if we are a good enough then we will take that chance .

Call me old fashioned but i believe you have to earn the right to be contenders and we have to earn that right we cant expect it to be handed to us. and before anyone mentions what about cork. lets be honest here there was under no circumstances that the all ireland hurling finalists were going to be anywhere other then the top divison when this new format was relesed

wexcore (Wexford) - Posts: 736 - 03/10/2013 12:05:29    1494247


Your missing the point wexcore, yes we should earn the right to be in the top Division, that should be done on the field of play and nowhere else.

We have done that previously and been shafted by the GAA. Likewise Cork and Limerick should have to do the same, earn it on the field of play like everyone else. The problem is where does it stop, would you be confident that if Wexford were to win Division 1B that they would actually get to hurl in 1A the following year, i wouldnt, particularly if Cork were relegated again.

There is also the financial implications, 2013 was our lowest ever income from national league hurling, even Wicklow earned more from their hurling team. Now we face into 2014 with even less games and the possibility of playing Cork or Limerick in the park taken away.

We need to make a stand at some stage

tearintom (Wexford) - Posts: 853 - 03/10/2013 17:23:03    1494737


This is crazy talk now. . .I said this would happen the.minute cork went down. I get ridiculed by most for mentioning us being shafted at every turn and how it contributed to our demise but here we go again. It's annoying but this time I think it works in our favour. Based on recent firm we would have every chance of promotion which would really benefit us in the long run. Finally wexcore we earned it twice and it was take away by restructuring. Nobody wants to be handed anything. Just to be treated fairly

Doylerwex (Wexford) - Posts: 1722 - 04/10/2013 13:42:17    1495497


All. Far too negative here as usual. We improved in leaps and bounds. Still 7 or 8 points off the top teams but very good players return to commit fully to hurling in 14. Big drive for promotion now and we can do it. Whatever excuses you won't to make for Dublin and Clare the results don't lie.we should have had Dublin. They were a different team from then.in but we gave them that chance through inexperience. We were never going to beat Clare but the lads refused to give in which is something huge to build on. I'm delighted with the.prospects for next season

Doylerwex (Wexford) - Posts: 1722 - 04/10/2013 14:07:38    1495537


will it?we will possibly get promoted and waterford,limerick or someone will be relegated and then the clamour will be for a restructuring of the league again.
short term solution to suit cork for this year,long term problem.we need to do everything we can to get this reveresed.

perfect10 (Wexford) - Posts: 3929 - 04/10/2013 14:13:57    1495550


What annoys me most about this is that we are denied playing the likes of Cork and Limerick this coming year. I was looking forward to hurling some of the bigger teams and now we have to make do with hurling all 2nd tier teams this year. If we do get promoted how will playing all 2nd tier teams help us progress for the following year. You play at one standard for a year then are expected to hurl with the big boys who are on another level... Even coming 2nd in the our league we will still have to play 2nd from bottom in the top league to go up. So there is an even bigger chance that only one will ever go up from 1b to 1a.

freddy2 (Wexford) - Posts: 215 - 04/10/2013 14:38:54    1495594


Hopefully this mess is sorted out soon and the gaa give us the chance to hurl against the likes of limerick and cork. It will only bring the likes of ourselves offaly and laois on which can only be good for hurling. Also, what do yez think of the leinster championship draw? I think if we can keep on improving a leinster final appearance is definetly achieveable

Afinestick (Wexford) - Posts: 404 - 05/10/2013 13:43:59    1496163


If this proposal goes ahead and if Cork get relegated then in twelve months time the structure will be changed again probably to two top divisions ie of similar strength.

lochgarmanabu (Wexford) - Posts: 997 - 05/10/2013 16:07:55    1496224


We won !! They have seen sense. I would like it to stay the same and see how we'd do but the new proposal is much better than just bailing out the Munster counties

Doylerwex (Wexford) - Posts: 1722 - 12/10/2013 16:46:08    1499918


What exactly is this new proposal ??

yelowbelly (Wexford) - Posts: 393 - 12/10/2013 21:31:48    1500036


DoylerWex you are some man haha fair play to you haha

BannerBoy2013 (Clare) - Posts: 325 - 16/10/2013 12:10:58    1501554


thanks man I do try. :)

Doylerwex (Wexford) - Posts: 1722 - 18/10/2013 15:48:32    1502903