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Summer Football in Boston

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I am just wondering what the teams in Boston are like in the summer months when people are over from Ireland. Are teams littered with county players or are they a good mix and also would senior football be the same as senior standard in Ireland or inter or junior. I have also heard it can be quite physical, is this true.

ballaghmen (Mayo) - Posts: 318 - 18/05/2011 15:12:35    933766


Good mix of players, the top four teams will be pretty hard make, standard is definitely on a par if not better than club Senior

conman2 (USA) - Posts: 167 - 21/05/2011 17:06:18    936415


shannon blues all the way

shannonbiffo (USA) - Posts: 8 - 07/07/2011 21:21:55    977815