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Christy Ring Final

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The Derry boys seem cocksure of themselves. The article on McSorley shows this. Lets hope our boys are in the same form as yesterday.

paddyokane (Longford) - Posts: 69 - 31/05/2015 15:07:04    1730479


Derry are not hopefully at all. If you read the article from management we are going in as underdogs and only drew with Kerry in the league and we are missing our slaughtneil players. A player being confident doesnt convey the mood in the county

DoireCityFC (Derry) - Posts: 1580 - 02/06/2015 11:08:43    1731267


Whatever the result will be its great to see a county like Derry making the progress they are. A final appearance in no more than they deserve they proved themselves to be one of the top two teams in the competition this year. Given its population and the fact the footballers havn't been setting the world alight in recent years, it could be a great opportunity for hurling to grow in the Oak leaf county.

We all have some notion of the struggle the GAA had within the six counties to keep going and stay relevant during the dark days on the Troubles. Since the early 1990s Gaelic football in Derry, Down, Tyrone, Armagh etc has had the opportunity to show the island what they can achieve if the GAA as an organisation in those counties can get back to concentrating solely on administrating and promoting the sport.

Now that we pass through the second decade of the 21st century, the time is surely upon the GAA in the six counties to show what they an achieve in hurling if a similar effort is put in. In fairness over the past few years Derry, Down and Tyrone have all made big strides with the small ball. They certainly show up the disdain the County Boards of Cavan and Monaghan have shown for promoting the game.

It would be great if sometime in the next 20 years we see a couple of counties emerge from Ulster that can be competitive on a sustained basis at the highest inter-county level. Its what I'm hoping Kerry can achieve too.

Best of luck to the Derry men but obviously, An Riocht Abu come Saturday!!!

TheHermit (Kerry) - Posts: 5927 - 02/06/2015 12:45:12    1731338


Best of luck to our hurlers this Saturday in the CR final ye have done our county so proud over the past few years and getting to div 1 b and now making the final again is some achievement , I would head up to the final on Saturday but I don't want to be called a bandwagon supporter so il shout ye on from the armchair in my kitchen.
An Rìocht Abu .

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 12165 - 02/06/2015 14:34:19    1731426


If I was a akerry player going out on Saturday id be well ready for the game after losing the last 3 and seeing wat yer derry man had to write. kingdom abu!

kerrygerry115 (Kerry) - Posts: 1 - 03/06/2015 21:59:38    1732196


There is an inevitability about this. Derry by 3 points.

christy sting (Derry) - Posts: 261 - 04/06/2015 13:56:40    1732374


Well done lads savage win.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 12165 - 07/06/2015 21:53:42    1733829