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Division 2 League Games Cancelled

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League game's this weekend involving Aughadrumsee & Derrylin have been cancelled due to Irvinestown disputing a result of a game between themselves & Derrylin on 8th of June which ended Derrylin 3-10 Irvinestown 1-15.

The story goes that Irvinestown appealed to the County Board earlier in the week disputing the result, insisting that they either won by a point or it was a draw. The county board dealt with the issue by contacting the referee in question & after discussion the referee upheld the final score, being a Derrylin 1 point victory, end of discussion as we thought, as the County Board threw the claim out.

Irvinestown have now appealed to the Ulster Council for a new ruling despite the referee already being adamant on the scoreline. Due to the division 2 split which would affect Aughadrumsee (6th) & Derrylin (5th) both these teams will not be allowed to compete until the appeal to Ulster Council is heard.

My question would be what has Irvinestown got to gain from this? What can the Ulster Council do about this? If something comes of it will any referee's want to take charge again? What of the already muddy club fixtures? Will it be chaos?

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