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What do people think about the motion that was passed at County Convention last week. It states that a players first club will be the the club in his catchment area. This is going to cause a lot of hassle down the road. Imagine a situation were a young fella lives in say Glenties but his father and all his family play for Ardara. This young fella will have no choice but to play for Naomh Conail. This is going to open a can of worms!!!

donegaldouble (Donegal) - Posts: 272 - 16/12/2015 10:19:42    1813101


Its hard to tell a 10 year old child who goes to school in one parish and all his friends are in one parish that he has to go and play for another parish,a river or a hill as a boundary is pretty much irrelevant to a child.You should be allowed to play for the club in the parish you go to school in ,which is basically happening.

Have these clubs that want to implement this rule actually spoken to the parents of the kids involved.

Disaster waiting to happen!!!!

ifindoubt (Donegal) - Posts: 124 - 16/12/2015 13:15:10    1813145


ifindoubt (Donegal) That was my point. Seemingly there was only 8 votes that passed the motion. This is going to be a disaster. Basically it means if you want your children to play for the club that you played for all your life, that you can't move outside your parish.

donegaldouble (Donegal) - Posts: 272 - 16/12/2015 13:31:57    1813155


My kid is only 3, i live about 20mile away from my home Club in another parish and where soccer is the main sport, believe me that he will be playing for the Club i played for, simple as that, i am still registered under my parents home address and he will be registered under that same address.

Wee_Buns (Donegal) - Posts: 830 - 17/12/2015 12:24:07    1813307


Thats all well and good but if the club in the catchment area you live in put in an objection it starts to get messy!

donegaldouble (Donegal) - Posts: 272 - 21/12/2015 18:21:36    1813817


My brother was suspended for a month almost 20 years ago when he was only U-12 for playing for the "wrong" club. The other club protested that he was in their area. Nevermind we were neighbours with an All-Ireland winning All-Star and a load of other players from the same townland who all played for our club too. But they went after an 11 year old.

As soon as there's a player with potential that is in a disputed area, this will get very messy.

Texas (Donegal) - Posts: 163 - 11/01/2016 19:37:40    1815915