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Extended best wishes....

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Wish to extend our best wishes to Ger Loughnanne and family, gaels throughout Ireland are with him and his family at this time.... Hope the road to recovery is quick... Best wishes from all From St. Marys Ahoghill and the wider Co. Antrim...

naomhmhuire (Antrim) - Posts: 8 - 04/07/2011 17:25:45    974596


He is more than a Hurling Guru in our house...he is a much loved and respected Sir..As he says himself " The ability to catch ball in the air wins matches" so we hope you are catching every ball that comes your way and making an extreme tough effort to catch the ones that are almost out of reach! Best Wishes Sir and we are thinking of you and family every day..

Fordei (Clare) - Posts: 1 - 27/07/2011 20:48:18    997137