Sam Maguire Cup 2024 draw: Derry in group of death

April 30, 2024

Dublin's David Byrne and Lee Gannon celebrate with the Sam Maguire Cup. ©INPHO/Evan Treacy.

Group 1 of the All-Ireland SFC stages has an ominous look with Derry paired with the Connacht winners, Ulster runners-up and Westmeath.

Derry were the third seeds that everyone wanted to avoid and they landed in the first group

If Louth lose the Leinster final then Group 4 will include three teams who are playing Division 2 league football next year as Monaghan and Meath are also there.

Group 1 - Connacht winner, Ulster runner-up, Derry, Westmeath

Group 2 - Leinster winner, Connacht runner-up, Roscommon, Cavan

Group 3 - Ulster winner, Munster runner-up, Tyrone, Cork

Group 4 - Munster winner, Leinster runner-up, Monaghan, Meath

Fixture schedule

Round 1

18-19.05.2024 (Sat/Sun)

Seed 1 (Munster/Connacht Champions) v Seed 3

Seed 2 (Munster/Connacht Runners Up) v Seed 4

25-26.05.2024 (Sat/Sun)

Seed 1 (Leinster/Ulster Champions) v Seed 3

Seed 2 (Leinster/Ulster Runners Up) v Seed 4

(Seed 1 & 2 will have home venue)

Round 2

01-02.06.2024 (Sat/Sun)

Seed 3 v Seed 2

Seed 4 v Seed1

(Seed 3 & 4 will have home venue)

Round 3

15-16.06.2024 (Sat/Sun)

Seed 1 v Seed 2

Seed 3 v Seed 4

(Neutral venues)

Full fixture details will be confirmed by the C.C.C.C in due course.

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