LiveTracker - Saturday 25 June 2022

All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals
Derry 5-13 Clare 2-8, Croke Park FT
Dublin 0-21 Cork 0-10, Croke Park FT


That's all the action over for today. We witnessed two one-sided matches as Ulster champions Derry and their Leinster counterparts Dublin eased to victory over Munster opponents Clare and Cork respectively. I'll be back with the third and fourth quarter-finals tomorrow - Galway V Armagh and Kerry V Mayo. I think they could be closer than today's matches. Thanks for reading.


All-Ireland SFC quarter-final full time: Dublin 0-21 Cork 0-10

A facile victory for Dublin, who advance to an All-Ireland semi-final against Kerry or Mayo, who meet tomorrow. It will be the Dubs' 13th successive semi-final appearance.


All-Ireland SFC quarter-final: Dublin 0-21 Cork 0-10

O'Donnell wins a free and Rock does the rest.


A late, late yellow card is flashed at Niall Scully.


Four minutes of injury time being added on here. Rock hits the left upright.


All-Ireland SFC quarter-final: Dublin 0-20 Cork 0-10

Kilkenny claims his third and hurling star Eoghan O'Donnell comes into the full-back line to make his debut for the Dublin senior footballers, immediately winning an aerial duel. Rock pops over from an advanced mark.


Cork's wides tally goes out to eleven. More economical, Dublin have sent six efforts off target. Yellow for O'Rourke with four minutes to go.


All-Ireland SFC quarter-final: Dublin 0-18 Cork 0-10

Substitute Aaron Byrne quickly opens his account. With an advantage being played, Hawk-Eye confirms that the shot split the posts.


All-Ireland SFC quarter-final: Dublin 0-17 Cork 0-10

O'Mahony rifles a brace of frees over the bar, silencing the whistles. Cork would have preferred an advantage instead of the first one but Sean Hurson blew his whistle early.


All-Ireland SFC quarter-final: Dublin 0-17 Cork 0-8

Gannon gets forward again for his second point - one in each half and one off either foot.


All-Ireland SFC quarter-final: Dublin 0-16 Cork 0-8

With 15 minutes left, O'Rourke twists and mines the Rebel County's first score of the second half. But it's still double scores...


All-Ireland SFC quarter-final: Dublin 0-16 Cork 0-7

A glorious finish from Fenton. Nine between them as we move into the fourth quarter and it's all one-way traffic.


All-Ireland SFC quarter-final: Dublin 0-15 Cork 0-7

Rock effortlessly points another awkward free. Hurley takes the latest Cork free - off the ground - and it goes wide as The Hill jeers and cheers.


All-Ireland SFC quarter-final: Dublin 0-14 Cork 0-7

The scoreboard takes on an ominous appearance as Brian Fenton slots his customary point from 30 metres to make it double scores. That's four without reply in 13 minutes since the action resumed.


All-Ireland SFC quarter-final: Dublin 0-13 Cork 0-7

Yellow card for Cork's Paul Ring and Rock teases over the free from a difficult angle on the wrong side - that's his third successive pointed free since the restart.


All-Ireland SFC quarter-final: Dublin 0-12 Cork 0-7

Rock nails another free and then a Cork attack is snuffed out.



Cooper does brilliantly to deny Hurley and it's out for a Cork '45', which Sherlock misses into Hill 16 amid a cacophony of whistles.


All-Ireland SFC quarter-final: Dublin 0-11 Cork 0-7

Rock arrows over a free, with most of the pitch basking in evening shade.


All-Ireland SFC quarter-final half time: Dublin 0-10 Cork 0-7

Some of the first-half shooting left a lot to be desired. Cork still very much in this game as they turn around within touching distance of the Leinster champions.



A let-off for the home team as Sherlock's free from the ground surprisingly goes wide. John O'Rourke misses also in the first minute of first-half stoppage time. Cooper becomes the second Dublin half back to be booked.

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