LiveTracker - Saturday 19 December 2020

All-Ireland SFC final
Dublin 2-14 Mayo 0-15, Croke Park, 5pm FT

All-Ireland U20FC final
Dublin 0-13 Galway 1-11 Croke Park, 2.15pm FT


It's been a bizarre year but we get a business-as-usual finale to the senior championship season. That's all from me for 2020. Thanks for reading!


It's the 30th time Dublin have won the All-Ireland and Mayo's third final defeat inside five seasons - their fifth in nine years.


All-Ireland SFC final full time: Dublin 2-14 Mayo 0-15

Dublin are All-Ireland champions for the sixth year in a row! That's eight in ten years for the Dubs as Dessie Farrell leads them to glory in his first year at the helm!


We are in the 78th minute...


This had been a close contest until we got into the crucial last quarter and the holders now look comfortable.


There will be five minutes of injury time here. Five between them as we move into the additional time...


Dublin have scored six of the last seven points!


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-14 Mayo 0-15

Kilkenny claims his third after a lung-bursting run from Dublin full back Davy Byrne!


Five minutes left in the 2020 All-Ireland football final...


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-13 Mayo 0-15

Sub Darren Coen reduces the arrears but Dublin come back at them after another glorious Fenton catch...


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-13 Mayo 0-14

Rock (1-4) takes the free from the wrong side and swings it over with just over seven minutes to go.


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-12 Mayo 0-14

Howard contemptuously spears over a terrific Dublin point in the 61st minute. What a man to have on the bench! Fellow sub Mannion follows up with a superbly-struck free.


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-10 Mayo 0-14

Huge point from Kilkenny at the end of a tense, scrappy passage of play.


What a massive 15 minutes we have on the way! Dublin by one but Mayo are in a great position.


Wide from Dub sub Paul Mannion as we stop for the second water break with a point between the sides.


Dessie Farrell calls ashore the booked Cooper, replacing him with Colm Basquel.


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-9 Mayo 0-14

Rock fires over a pressure free and Dublin are back in front approaching the three-quarters mark...


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-8 Mayo 0-14

O'Connor knocks over the free - his ninth - and we are level for the fifth time. That's three unanswered points from Mayo again!


But they are just one point ahead with 48 minutes played.


Dublin back to 15 men as McDaid returns.



Michael Fitzsimons nails Lee Keegan with a very heavy hit - frontal - but Mayo do not get the free!


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-8 Mayo 0-13

Jonny Cooper hauls down Aidan O'Shea and avoids a black card, but O'Connor taps over the free and it's back to a one-point game again.


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-8 Mayo 0-12

Centre back Stephen Coen slices over an exquisite Mayo point from an advanced mark.


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-8 Mayo 0-11

Fenton scores in every game and this one is no different. Nice finish on the spin.


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-7 Mayo 0-11

Aidan O'Shea goes over and O'Connor taps over a routine Mayo free from in front of the posts.


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-7 Mayo 0-10

Niall Scully tidily kicks the first point of the second half in the 39th minute.


O'Callaghan nearly in for another Dublin goal chance but slips at the vital moment.



Dublin have brought Brian Howard on for the second half in place of Bugler, while Michael Plunkett replaces Paddy Durcan for Mayo.


Dublin will be rightfully aggrieved by that black card for Robbie McDaid. To say it was harsh would be an understatement.


Mayo showed great character and grit in that first half, while Dublin have been off their game all over the field. Even Stephen Cluxton's goalkicks are malfunctioning.


Subs Keith Higgins and Philly McMahon get to know each other in the tunnel leaving the field at half time.


All-Ireland SFC final half time: Dublin 2-6 Mayo 0-10

The Dubs lead by two at the short whistle but that black card for McDaid is a huge blow as they were on the attack at the time and looked certain to go three up.


Black card!

Not sure why, but David Coldrick has shown Robbie McDaid a black card on the stroke of half time! Dublin will be a man down for ten minutes.



Brilliant score from Kilkenny, who refuses to take no for an answer, beats two men an curls it inside the far post!


Kilkenny pulls a relatively simple shot to the left of the Hill 16 posts and wide.


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-5 Mayo 0-10

John Small gets forward to blaze over Dublin's fifth point - almost a third goal for the holders!


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-4 Mayo 0-10

The outstanding O'Donoghue powers past two tackles and kicks the levelling point on 30 minutes.


The usually-unerring Cillian O'Connor surprisingly misses a free for his side's first wide.


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-4 Mayo 0-9

Mayo haven't had a wide yet but have dropped a couple of very poor efforts short. O'Callaghan restores Dublin's lead with lovely a left-footed effort.


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-3 Mayo 0-9

Mayo are awarded a soft free and O'Connor nails it for his sixth point!



Dublin carve open the Mayo defence and O'Callaghan fists a powerful right-fisted effort past Clarke to the net - 2-3 to 0-8 in the 23rd minute!


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 1-3 Mayo 0-8

Another offensive mark from O'Connor (0-5) - five without reply from the visitors.


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 1-3 Mayo 0-7

With 20 minutes played, Cillian O'Connor executes the advanced mark perfectly and pushes Mayo ahead for the first time.


Paddy Small hits Dublin's third wide.


Wide from Brian Fenton and we pause for the first water break with the side level, Mayo twice having reeled in a three-point deficit.


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 1-3 Mayo 0-6

No pressure on Ryan O'Donoghue and he fires over the levelling point! Dublin will feel they should have had a free-out prior to that but instead a free was awarded the other way.



Con O'Callaghan goes for goal somewhat optimistically but Diarmuid O'Connor blocks his effort down


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 1-3 Mayo 0-5

Conor Loftus fists over Mayo's fifth and we are back to a one-point game!


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 1-3 Mayo 0-4

Dublin give it away this time and O'Connor hammers over his third. At the other end, Ciaran Kilkenny kicks an offensive mark wide.


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 1-3 Mayo 0-3

Con O'Callaghan and Kevin McLoughlin take turns in giving the ball away, then Sean Bugler becomes the second Dub to register.


Patient play from Mayo but Dublin eventually dispossess them and launch an attack of their own...


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 1-2 Mayo 0-3

Dublin hold possession for the best part of two minutes and win a free for a foul off the ball, which Rock strokes over from his hands.


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 1-1 Mayo 0-3

A simple Rock free restores Dublin's lead.



A left-footed O'Connor effort from close range has Mayo level!


All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 1-0 Mayo 0-2

Oisin Mullin gets forward and fists an instant response, followd by a converted Cillian O'Connor free - all inside two minutes!



Dean Rock palms the ball to the net with both hands inside 13 seconds after a brilliant James McCarthy run and pass from the throw-in! What a start from the champions!


Game on!

David Coldrick from Meath is the referee for this one. How are the nerves?


The National Anthem rings our around a practically-deserted amphitheatre. We are almost ready to go...


Looks like Mayo won the toss and opted to play into the Davin End in the first half.


Could it come down to a shoot-out between Cillian O'Connor and Dean Rock? Will an unsung hero rise to the occasion today, as so often happens in finals?


It's really difficult to get used to seeing teams emerge in complete silence for an All-Ireland final. But, despite the strange circumstances, this final is every bit as important as every one that preceded it.


Less than half an hour from throw-in, the teams take to the pitch... Dublin first to emerge.


Dublin have easily won every championship match they played so far this year, but they only beat Mayo by a point in the 2016 and 2017 finals. The general consensus is that this is going to be close. Can Mayo do it? It's been a strange year for sure, so who knows?...


Team news:

An unexpected late twist as it emerges that both teams will start as selected!


Mayo (All-Ireland SFC final v Dublin): David Clarke; Chris Barrett, Oisin Mullin, Lee Keegan; Patrick Durcan, Stephen Coen, Eoghan McLaughlin; Conor Loftus, Matthew Ruane; Kevin McLoughlin, Ryan O'Donoghue, Diarmuid O'Connor; Tommy Conroy, Aidan O'Shea, Cillian O'Connor.


Dublin (All-Ireland SFC final v Mayo): Stephen Cluxton; Michael Fitzsimons, David Byrne, Jonny Cooper; Eoin Murchan, John Small, Robbie McDaid; Brian Fenton, James McCarthy; Niall Scully, Ciaran Kilkenny, Sean Bugler; Paddy Small, Con O'Callaghan, Dean Rock.


So Dublin's bid for an All-Ireland final day double can come unstuck. Next up, at 5pm, it's the biggest gaelic football match of the year as the Dubs and Mayo clash in the 2020 All-Ireland SFC final! I'll be back soon with a build-up to the big game and then full coverage of all the action.


Culhane and Tierney were outstanding in attack for the winners (registering all but one point of their tally between them), while captain Jack Glynn led by example in defence and was Man of the Match. Well done to Donal Ó Fátharta and his players!


All-Ireland U20FC final full time: Dublin 0-13 Galway 1-11

Galway hang on for a fantastic victory and are 2020 All-Ireland U20 football champions!


Galway give it away and Dublin will have one last attack. Free deep inside their own half to come on 64 minutes...


Sixty seconds left, silly foul by Dublin...


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-13 Galway 1-11

On 62 minutes, Fearon runs 50 metres and kicks a huge score. Extra time, anybody?...


We move into four minutes of injury time with two points between the teams and Dublin attacking with intent...


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-12 Galway 1-11

Tierney thumps over a stunning free, just when Galway really needed it most!


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-12 Galway 1-10

O'Dell again, with his second, and then Lavin fires his fourth. Dublin have landed four in a row and it's a one-point game with three minutes remaining!


Dublin try to work an equalising goal but Galway clear their lines, just about...


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-10 Galway 1-10

Lavin bags his third and there's just three points between the sides!


Twelve minutes left and Galway have a four-point cushion...


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-9 Galway 1-10

Some score from Adam Fearon to close it back to a four-point match at the second water break!


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-8 Galway 1-10

Culhane makes a tough free look routine.


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-8 Galway 1-9

The Leinster champions explode to life and a sweeping move the full length of the field culminates in an exceptional Lorcan O'Dell point!


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-7 Galway 1-9

Archer is fouled and Lavin pops over the free to close the gap to five.



A goal for Galway! Tierney does the spadework and picks out Culhane, whose shot deflects off the luckless Rory Dwyer past O'Neill to the net - 1-9 to 0-6! Double scores now.


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-6 Galway 0-9

O'Leary replies with an inspirational point following great work by Sean Lowry.


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-5 Galway 0-9

Culhane whips over a terrific score from play as Galway start the second half as they ended the first one!


Hernon hurt his ankle when he went down after winning the throw-in and has had to be replaced. That's two key men the Connacht champions have lost already,


Just seconds into the second half and Galway midfielder Cian Hernon is down with a nasty looking injury.


Galway have been the better team. Tierney and Culhane with seven points between them so far. Dublin, whose kick-out is being totally wiped, will have to up their game when the action resumes.


All-Ireland U20FC final half time: Dublin 0-5 Galway 0-8

The westerners take a deserved three-point lead into the break. In truth, it could have been more.


Brilliant Galway defending repels a dangerous Dublin offensive.


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-5 Galway 0-8

Galway have been utterly dominant on the Dublin kick-out - they win another one easily and work the ball forward to Tierney, who takes his point with aplomb.


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-5 Galway 0-7

Opposing No.14 Luke Swan replies with a tidy finish at the Davin End.


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-4 Galway 0-7

Three between them for the first time after Culhane nails a free.


Dublin's efforts to get back into the game are undone by a couple of wides.


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-4 Galway 0-6

Matthew Cooley doubles the difference with a superb point on the run.


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-4 Galway 0-5

Culhane takes his mark and arrows over his third point. We are in the 20th minute.


The Connacht champions lose Cathal Sweeney to injury and we pause for the first water break with the sides level.


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-4 Galway 0-4

Brian O'Leary has them level for the first time!


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-3 Galway 0-4

Mark Lavin's effort has the Dubs back within the minimum for the third time.


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-2 Galway 0-4

Stunning strike from wing back Lee Gannon to curl one over off the outside of the right boot! But Culhane replies in style!


Galway have made an excellent start to this game.


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-1 Galway 0-3

Tomo Culhane slots a tricky Galway free from the hands and Tierney the adds one from play in the seventh minute!


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-1 Galway 0-1

Ciaran Archer equalises with a sublime finish on the spin off his left foot on the wrong side.



Galway attacker Ryan Monahan finds himself in a one-on-one with Josh O'Neill but slips as he attempts to round the Dublin goalkeeper!


All-Ireland U20FC final: Dublin 0-0 Galway 0-1

Matthew Tierney opens the scoring from an advanced mark.


Game on!

Paul Faloon from Down is the referee. Galway won the toss and opted to attack Hill 16.


Final huddles from the players before the game starts.


Throw-in for Dublin V Galway in the U20 final is five minutes away. It's been a long, long wait for these players since they defeated Tyrone and Kerry respectively in their semi-finals in mid-October!


Galway (All-Ireland U20FC final v Dublin): Conor Flaherty; Jonathan McGrath, Sean Fitzgerald, Jack Glynn; Cian Monahan, Tony Gill, Cathal Sweeney; Conor Raftery, Cian Hernon; Paul Kelly, Matthew Tierney, Ryan Monahan; Patrick Kelly, Tomo Culhane, Matthew Cooley.


Dublin (All-Ireland U20FC final v Galway): Josh O'Neill; Conor Tyrrell, Adam Rafter, Josh Bannon; Rory Dwyer, Adam Waddick, Lee Gannon; Adam Fearon, Mark O'Leary; Mark Lavin, Lorcan O'Dell, Sean Lowry; Ciaran Archer, Luke Swan, Brian O'Leary.


What a day it promises to be! As ever, we'll have comprehensive text commentary on all the day's action...


All-Ireland U20FC final:

The curtain-raiser is worthy of this great occasion. At 2:15, Dublin and Galway will cross swords in the deferred All-Ireland U20 final. While preparations for these teams for such a huge match have been far from ideal, getting to play at Croker on the undercard of the senior final is no small consolation!


Throw-in for the biggest match of the year is at 5pm.


A familiar pairing:

For the third time in five years, Dublin lock horns with Mayo in the Sam Maguire Cup decider. The Dubs of course prevailed by the finest of margins in both 2016 and 2017 and are bidding for an unprecedented sixth successive title. Meanwhile, Mayo are seeking their first All-Ireland since those historic back-to-back successes of 1950 and '51.


Play it again, Sam!

Six days from Christmas, the novel 2020 intercounty championship season reaches its climax, with the All-Ireland SFC final taking place under lights and behind closed doors at Croke Park.

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