LiveTracker - Sunday, 16 February 2020

FL Division 2 round 3
Laois 1-6 Cavan 3-10, O'Moore Park, 2pm FT

FL Division 3 round 3
Louth 2-10 Offaly 2-13, Drogheda, 2pm FT

FL Division 4 round 3
Wicklow 1-15 Sligo 1-10, Aughrim, 1pm FT

HL Division 1 Group A round 3
Westmeath 1-14 Cork 3-12, Cusack Park, 2pm FT

HL Division 1 Group B round 3
Clare 0-17 Laois 0-9, Cusack Park, 2pm FT
Wexford 1-16 Kilkenny 1-14, Wexford Park, 2pm FT

HL Division 2A round 3
Mayo 1-13 Wicklow 1-16, Bekan, 1pm FT

HL Division 2B round 3
Roscommon 0-13 London 0-10, Dr Hyde Park, 1pm FT

HL Division 3A round 3
Longford 0-9 Armagh 0-9, Pearse Park, 2pm FT
Louth 1-10 Donegal 2-9, Darver, 2pm FT
Monaghan 1-7 Tyrone 2-17, Castleblayney, 2pm FT

Postponed: Limerick v Waterford; Galway v Tipperary; Offaly v Antrim; Derry v Kildare; Fermanagh v Sligo


And that's it from us for another weekend.


FL2: Laois 1-06 Cavan 2-10 FT

Massive win for Cavan and FL2 is certainly wide open after this result.


HL3A: Louth 1-10 Donegal 2-09 FT

Good win for Donegal.


HL1A: Westmeath 1-14 Cork 3-12 FT

Patrick Horgan is the difference between the sides, brave showing by Westmeath


HL1B: Clare 0-17 Laois 0-09 FT

Tough battle for Clare, but they finish strong to claim the two points.


FL3: Louth 2-10 Offaly 2-13 FT

Big win for Offaly after Louth battled hard to get back into the game in the second half.


HL1A: Westmeath 1-14 Cork 3-12

Horgan's free comes in the 73rd minute.


HL3A: Tyrone 2-17 Monaghan 1-07 FT

Comfortable win for Tyrone here.


HL3A: Longford 0-09 Armagh 0-09 FT

The sides play out a draw in tough conditions.


HL1A: Westmeath 1-14 Cork 3-11

Another Devine free and the gap is back to three as we head into injury time.


HL1B: Wexford 1-16 Kilkenny 1-14 FT

Massive win for Wexford who hold on despite being under severe pressure in the second half.


Black card for Cavan's Gerard Smith.


HL1A: Westmeath 1-13 Cork 3-11

Westmeath have the gap back to four points as Devine points a free.


HL1B: Clare 0-16 Laois 0-09

Ian Galvin makes it a seven-point game.


FL3: Louth 2-10 Offaly 2-13

McNamee from play as Offaly look to have weathered the storm.


HL1A: Westmeath 1-12 Cork 3-11

Devine points another free, 67 minutes played.


HL1B: Wexford 1-16 Kilkenny 1-14

Into injury time and Morris' free leaves two points between the teams.


FL3: Louth 2-10 Offaly 2-12

Free by McNamee sails between the posts.


Five minutes of added time in Chadwicks Wexford Park.


HL1B: Clare 0-15 Laois 0-09

Kelly from play on this occasion.

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