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Leinster Hurling Round Robin - 2 Like(s)

Replying To rhudson:  "When Cody comes to Pearse Stadium to play Galway on Sun 30 Apr Henry better have Galway ready for the storm coming Because Cody will come to Galway with all guns blazing There is no way in hell Brian Cody wiill want one of their own to beat them"
Is he going to tog out himself this year?

tiobraid (National) - 22/01/2022 08:33:23

Donegal GAA thread - 2 Like(s)
Donegal lot better when bonner got put to the stands. To be arguing with a linesman over a line ball at a mckenna cup game is setting some example on what discipline standards we are setting. Rochford and Campbell seemed to manage it well and get us back into game. Says it all really and scary to be honest.

marty234 (National) - 22/01/2022 20:21:41

Division 1 2 3 4 League Table Predictions - 1 Like(s)
1 Kerry (final winners) 2 Dublin 3 Donegal 4 Mayo 5 Monaghan 6 Tyrone 7 Armagh 8 Kildare 1 Meath 2 Derry (final Winners) 3 Galway 4 Roscommon 5 Clare 6 Cork 7 Down 8 Offaly 1 Limerick 2 Westmeath (final winners) 3 Longford 4 Fermanagh 5 Laois 6 Louth 7 Antrim 8 Wicklow 1 Cavan (final winner) 2 Tipperary 3 Carlow 4 Wexford 5 Sligo 6 Leitrim 7 London 8 Waterford

tirawleybaron (National) - 22/01/2022 08:27:31

Upcoming Special Congress - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Whammo86:  "In 2013 had Leitrim beaten London in the semifinals they'd have been into a Connacht final having played New York and London only. Sligo could get to a Connacht final winning one match versus the winner of a London v Leitrim quarterfinal tie. The point remains that I don't like the Provincial finalists get a spot in the All Ireland as there can be very sod pathways to Provincial finals and I'd rather division 2 teams get the nod over the Provincial finalists. Maybe the compromise solution is: Has provincial finalists that haven't qualified playing a playoff round v the worst ranked division 2 team that would make it. I don't like the group stages in either tier in this proposal where 3 from 4 advance to the knockout round. Just feels like the blind fear of dead rubbers is rearing it's head and creating a low stakes group stage."
I would agree on the beaten provincial finalists unfairness Munster and Connacht are too lopsided for that to be considered fair I would also agree on the 4 groups of 4 Would be better if there were 6 groups of 3 in Sam Maguire (provincial winners, previous years B winners and 10 best placed from league) 6 group winners go through and the 6 2nd placed teams play off for 2 Q final places 5 groups of 3 in taillteann cup - (bottom 14 in league plus NY) (having gone to the Mayo v New York match a few years ago - ye all should get a chance to go on a jolly over there) Anything is better than what we have but I'm still in favour of getting rid of provincials completely Have a league based only div 1A/2A - 2A/2B in spring Then have a championship (World Cup style groups of 3) drawn on a regional split with a top 18 in A and bottom 15 in B I thought last years league (regional groups) was a great basis for championship groups because you retain provincial/regional rivalries

tirawleybaron (National) - 22/01/2022 08:58:01

Kerry Teams In Munster Club Championship Have Unfair Advantage - 1 Like(s)
Kerry are clearly doing something right - they are the most successful county in football and I'm certain that having all the best players playing senior club championship. The nature of how their entire championship is set up gives all players exposure to a lot of knock out football also. Their system gives their best players the chance to play high intensity knock out games. I would also note that when the Dublin club structure went to senior A and B - the county team got a lot better also I would love to see Mayo change to the Kerry style championship as it's set up for it

tirawleybaron (National) - 22/01/2022 09:13:54

All Things Galway Football - 1 Like(s)
Sean Andy might be back! Yew_tree & co will be pleased.

timmyhogan (National) - 22/01/2022 12:02:26

Upcoming Special Congress - 1 Like(s)

Replying To TheLordofcavanGaa:  "Any word of the minor age group changing back to u18 being at Congress? This is far more important than any Proposal Red, green, yellow purple pink etc. Must Happen"
Absolutely, that would be great to have it back at U18.

KingdomBoy1 (National) - 22/01/2022 12:29:33

All Things Galway Football - 1 Like(s)

Replying To rhudson:  "I think with the way the game has gone now Positions mean nothing now in gaelic football At times its hard to figure who is playing where Players are selected as 3 or 6 or whatever no But you will find during the game they could be anywhere on pitch Players are covering more positions now on the field than in the old days"
That's true, but having good man-marking corner backs is a must for any team looking to contend. Dublin have had the likes of Fitzsimons and previously Cooper and McMahon who can be left to fight their battles 1-on-1 when necessary. This frees up other players from having to cover all of the time. All good teams will defend in numbers when possible, but there are times when a quick ball in from a turnover means an inside back has to be able to hold his own with the comfort of a sweeper. Any good forward will do some damage if 1-on-1 with a bit of space, but the good top corner backs will limit this. The job Fitzsimons did in the 2nd half of the 2019 drawn final on Clifford was as good as anyone could have done in the circumstances.

WanPintWin (National) - 22/01/2022 13:45:23

Leinster Hurling Round Robin - 1 Like(s)
hard one to call as the standard in leinster has slipped a lot ........wexford havnt won a game of note in leinster for nearly 3 years ( excluding the facile win over laois last year). galway another team with a lot of ground to make up after a terrible year last year. kilkenny are still ktlenny hard to beat. dublin seem to have improved a bit and im going for dublin to win leinster.

munsterchamps (National) - 22/01/2022 15:05:53

Walsh Cup Wexford V Kilkenny - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Viking66:  "Mac is the man for there but dropping high ball on top of him isnt the best way of getting ball into him as he doesnt seem to be the best at winning it. Thought my post was fairly simple to understand. ROC and Chin should be on the ball as much as possible so should be operating in areas where they will see more of it. Yes Chin is a great ball winner and certainly should be around the square at times especially if we are behind and need a goal but would be wasted standing around there for the whole game. Mac would be better served by runners coming from deeper drawing defenders and giving him shorter lower passes to finish. Like he showed when playing minor and under 21."
He did alright with high ball today. Be great to get a run out in Croke Park this early. Some very encouraging performances. Can't believe we let them back into it though. In total control and doing what we liked for 60 minutes.

Doylerwex (National) - 22/01/2022 15:48:23

2022 Wexford Intercounty Hurling - 1 Like(s)
Oisin Foley , Cian Byrne and Mac all outstanding . Devitt and Flood done well In backs too . Good to get another game under the belts next week . Hopefully likes of Chin, Rory and Dee will be back soon to further strengthen the panel

Afinestick (National) - 22/01/2022 16:03:09

Leinster Hurling Round Robin - 1 Like(s)

Replying To munsterchamps:  "hard one to call as the standard in leinster has slipped a lot ........wexford havnt won a game of note in leinster for nearly 3 years ( excluding the facile win over laois last year). galway another team with a lot of ground to make up after a terrible year last year. kilkenny are still ktlenny hard to beat. dublin seem to have improved a bit and im going for dublin to win leinster."
I think the standard in Leinster has evened out and that is going to make it super competitively charged. Who ever emerges from that will be battle hardened and no push over for any of the Munster teams. Limerick for sure are clear leaders and deservedly favourites.

Canuck (National) - 22/01/2022 16:22:31

2022 Wexford Intercounty Hurling - 1 Like(s)
Entertaining stuff here today. Both sides sporting a lot of untried players at intercounty level. Thought we were the better team for most of the game. I was very impressed with Devitt, and perhaps he might solve the troublesome corner back position. Flood was solid in the half back line and paudie was once again outstanding in the centre. With O'Hanlon comfortable at 7, that could well be the half back line into the championship. However its early days so lets wait and see. Mac was often in the thick of things and took his scores well. Oisin Foley was undoubtedly the man of the match. He certainly looked the real deal today and slotted over 3 points. Another game next week and it looks like it'll be against the Dubs. I'm sure Darragh will give the newcomers another chance to settle in and give us plenty of options for the league and championship.

Blockandhook (National) - 22/01/2022 17:28:26

Walsh Cup Wexford V Kilkenny - 1 Like(s)
Great to be back in the park for the game today. Encouraging display even if we almost threw it away having been the better team for an hour. Thought Devitt did well at corner back with paudi foley and conall flood also good. Oisin foley had a great game whilst Conor Mac was immense. I posted earlier in the week that I thought he could benefit most under darragh Egan and today showed that. His equaliser was pure quality. Overall a promising performance and another chance to give the newer guys a runout next week in croke park before the all Ireland champions come to town

HurlingBuzz (National) - 22/01/2022 17:31:01

Kerry GAA thread - 1 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "Strong team named by Jack for today. Shane Murphy Daniel O'Donaghue Jason Foley Tom O'Sullivan. Paul Murphy Tadhg Morley Gavin White Sean O'Shea Adrian Spillane Micheál Burns Paudie Clifford Stephen ó Brien Tony Brosnan Paul Geaney killian Spillane."
Good man Kingdomboy ploughing a lonely furrow here everyone gone to the kerry forum I have to join myself but not very good at the typing. Were you at the game I know its the Mcgrath cup but it was a nice warmup for the league. If we got a few new faces in the league that would be good. Dan donoghue doesn't look out of place a little bigger that what we have and jack savage looked good and killian definitely should be a starter this year.

chicago09 (National) - 22/01/2022 18:37:01

Westmeath Football Managers 2022 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To mickcunningham:  "dont rule out tyrrellspass"
Tyrellspass a finished team mick!

Temple56 (National) - 22/01/2022 18:49:52

All Things Galway Hurling - 1 Like(s)

Replying To CillTormoir:  "Are we 100% out of walsh cup or if Offaly beat Dublin what way does it go for a finish (if we beat Antrim)"
Think it goes to points difference so Offaly have to win tomorrow by 14 and would top group. Don't think head-to-head comes into play (but might be wrong) as they would all cancel one another out if three teams on 4 points.

BarneyGrant (National) - 22/01/2022 20:16:02