Loughnane favours introduction of black card in hurling

February 27, 2021

Clare goalkeeper Donal Tuohy saves a penalty during the drawn Allianz HL Division 1A round 5 clash against Limerick at Cusack Park, Ennis. ©INPHO/Lorraine O'Sullivan.

Ger Loughnane has expressed support for the introduction of a black card into hurling to address cynical play.

One of 37 motions which will go to a vote at remote GAA Congress today, the standing playing rules committee have proposed a penalty be awarded for a cynical foul committed inside the 20m line or semi-circle that denies a clear goal scoring opportunity.

The rule would also result in a ten minute sin-bin for the offending player but former Clare All-Ireland winning boss Loughnane would like to see a black card introduced, as is the case in football.

"Any change in the GAA, particularly in hurling, brings great controversy and great discussion," Loughnane said when speaking to former GAA President Nickey Brennan on Community Radio Kilkenny City.

"You remember the Anthony Nash penalty, and we all thought the solution was very simple and the GAA came with the proper solution at the end of the day.

"Tactics are such a huge part of hurling nowadays, and with tactics comes the exploitation of every rule if you can. We see people are exploiting the rules that are there - and rightly so, why wouldn’t they? - and pushing them to the very, very limit. That was always part of hurling."

He continued: "I think the solution is very, very simple. If it’s inside the 21 [yard line] they’re going to give a penalty and give the person a black card. I’m in favour of the black card rather than the sin bin inside the 21 or within the semi-circle, if a goal threatens within that area it should be a penalty and give the person a black card."

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