McGinley: Armagh should be looking beyond Ulster

March 21, 2023

Armagh's Rian O'Neill prepares to take a penalty ©INPHO/James Crombie

Enda McGinley believes Armagh would be better off focusing on winning an All-Ireland rather than an Ulster SFC title.

The Orchard County haven’t lifted the Anglo-Celt Cup – or even reached an provincial final – since 2008 and McGinley thinks it’s becoming an obsession for them.

"The old traditional logic is Armagh need to be winning that provincial title this year in terms of if they're wanting to push on from last year – they ran Galway to penalties and Galway got to the All-Ireland final and weren't a kick in the ass off Kerry,” the three-time Tyrone All-Ireland winner told the RTÉ GAA Podcast.

"Armagh can be thinking of an All-Ireland. That sounds foolish at this place to say it, but for (Kieran) McGeeney the approach to trying to win an All-Ireland is slightly different than the approach to try win an Ulster championship and I don’t think the relationship between an Ulster Championship winner and an All-Ireland, with the new campaign the way it is... it’ll be worse for Ulster teams more so maybe than other teams.

"You get put out in an Ulster first round or semi-final, a narrow defeat against a good team, you’re not a million miles away. You get three, four weeks to get your head down away from the spotlight and then you’re into the key part of the year, that round-robin league."

McGinley added: "In Ulster it is honestly such a minefield. As a player starting out and you're in the first round of the championship and you’ve maybe Derry or Fermanagh or Armagh and you’ve three rounds, it’s a lottery to see who is getting to the final.”

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