"It's great I don't have to manage. Managing, it could be 50, 60 hours a week"

December 02, 2021

Davy Fitzgerald

Davy Fitzgerald says he’s looking forward to working with Cork’s senior camogs next season.

The Clare native has come on board Matthew Twomey’s new management team in the Rebel County and, speaking to RTE’s Today Show, he hopes that he can add something to the mix.

"I will be helping Cork camogie a small bit next year," the former Wexford hurling boss confirmed.

"I've committed to one or two days a week as coach. It’s great I don’t have to manage. Managing, it could be 50, 60 hours a week. People don’t realise how much goes into it, it’s pretty crazy. Wexford would definitely have been 50, 60 hours a lot of the time.

"Here I get to come down with Matthew and coach once or twice a week and help them as much as I can. I'm looking forward to that, it’s different.

"I’m delighted to come down and help out. If we train in Mallow, that’s less than an hour from the house. Probably down to Cork City, it’s an hour and a half at the most, if we do it.

"I’m looking forward to it."

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