East Belfast GAA members reassured of safety after bomb scare

August 11, 2020

East Belfast GAA

East Belfast GAA has released a statement reassuring its members of their safety after last week’s bomb scare.

The PSNI arrived at the newly formed club’s training facilities last Wednesday night after receiving a call to say that a package had been left close by the area.

A 54-year-old man has since been arrested on suspicion of possessing and making explosives.

In a statement released yesterday, East Belfast GAA said that the club’s members should hold no fears going forward.

"As members will be aware, for reasons outside of the club’s control, in recent days the club has been the focus of attention for reasons other than sport,” the statement read.

"The incident that occurred at Henry Jones playing fields on Wednesday night was unsavoury; and the unnerving and disruptive effect that it brought to our members at training that night, and that it continues to bring to them and their families in the days that have followed, is unwelcome.

"Our members and their families are our club. As such, the club has, and will continue to support its players, those effected by the events that have occurred, and their wider family circles however it can.

"Incidents of such a nature do not reflect or remain in keeping with the overwhelming support and goodwill that the club has received from all across the immediate and surrounding community since its formation.

"In keeping with this, members are further advised that the club has, since Wednesday, received further assurances that, the actions carried out on Wednesday night do not define the entirety of the community nor any sphere of it.

"Condemnation of what occurred has been absolute across the board and from all spheres of the community. For this, the club is thankful.

"Members are further advised that the club has received assurances that it ought not have concerns of further occurrences of such a nature nor of further activities being carried out with the intention of inhibiting or interfering with the club’s and/or its member’s activities going forward.

"For now the club’s attention will continue to be to its members and it is requested that, any attention on the club returns to what it ought be; attention on the playing fields and on the provision of sport, for all."

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