"They can promise all they want but no one will give one flute"

September 24, 2019

Carlow coach Steven Poacher

Carlow coach Steven Poacher fears that the introduction of a tiered football championship would spell disaster for the weaker counties.

It seems likely that a second tier will be introduced at next month’s Special Congress and Poacher is concerned that such a development would be to the detriment of the teams removed from the Sam Maguire Cup:

“Every president wants to leave their own particular mark and the legacy of the tiered championship seems to be John Horan's. But we need to be careful what we wish for as it could be another disaster,” the Down man told The Irish Independent.

“The column inches hurling's lower tiers get is embarrassing and football will be the same. They can promise all they want but no one will give one flute, the rich will be rich and the poor will get poorer.

“It's about what it does for everyone down the food chain and people have to start realising this.”

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