Meath football team of the decade

December 10, 2019

Joe Sheridan and Cian Ward celebrate

As we head in to 2020 and the quiet season is upon us its interesting too see various views for a Meath football team of the decade on the forum.

Here’s a strong XV from Thejoeshow. Would you agree.

1. Paddy O'Rourke

2. Eoghan Harrington
3. Kevin Reilly
4. Donal Keoghan

5. Seamus Kenny
6. Anthony Moyles
7. Paraic Harnan

8. Bryan Menton
9. Conor Gillespie

10. Graham Reilly
11. Joe Sheridan
12. Peadar Byrne

13. Cian Ward
14. Micky Newman
15. Stephan Bray

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