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Replying To Fionn:  "As for using Croke Park - why not use it.... It is vacant most of the year, however the low attendance figures from your fans would end up costing you in the pocket, and not cover the cost of renting Croke Park and cost of insurance for your games there...!

Dublin now own 2 sites - 1 northside and 1 southside - both available for future development.
The sooner they do it the better imo. Hopefully the new sponsor will accelerate both.

I would also sell PP and use the funds from this to build our own stadium and put an end to all the nonsense once and for all."
The lads on this forum are absolutely determined that our stadium MUST be in Pairc Tailteann. No point in even discussing economics or financial viability.

Crinigan (Meath) - Posts: 1274 - 04/05/2023 19:49:21    2475782


Replying To Irish_downunder:  "Let's give up on it so!!"
I'm not saying to give up on it, but lads need to be realistic. There's several comments on this thread saying "They're aiming too big, just build a new stand" as if that's some small project that can be done on the cheap."]Exactly. People need to be aware there would be two parts here, demolition and construction. Demolition could be even more complicated and possibly asbestos in the roof of the stand which is extremely expensive to dispose of. The demolition and site preparation would be huge for this project."]That Asbestos sheeting is the most basic form of asbestos. Its simply hosed down and kept wet and unbolted and put into closed bins.. Not much more expensive than your average skip. As demo jobs go that stand is about as easy as it gets."]Sell it off to a developer and then the demolition is someone else's problem.

Build a small stadium wooden and steel prefab stadium (Slovenian companies doing this to high spec and decent price) on a greenfield site somewhere off the M3. I couldn't care less if there is no pub near it.

Crinigan (Meath) - Posts: 1274 - 04/05/2023 19:54:11    2475783


I've said it before. I'm a Leinster Season Ticket Holder, My ticket is about €500. Since I started i've been sitting in a temporary Scaffold Main Stand. It is and will remain that way for a long time as the plans to redevelop the RDS are as distant as the plans for PT. It is fair more comfortable than any seat in PT or most older GAA stadiums. It is the length of the Field so it must hold about 8000 people. It holds the media. There is a roof covering the majority of the seats.

I was at the first PT meetings, first we were told the main stand wasn't fit for purpose, months later we were told it was fine. The council told the CB that they wouldn't be supporting a move away from PT. The council said they wouldn't support any sort of stadium in dunganny, which is fair enough. PT is where we are at. A move outside of the town would be even more of a white elephant.

The terrace is the only decent part of the stadium bar the playing surface and its planned to be the first to go. Level the stand, Put in a temporary stand. temporary changing rooms. They would have it up in a few weeks. level the grass banks and put in a hardcore area with less of a slope. The railings are already there.

We don't have the man power as a collective, everyone wants something but no one will do anything. Half the positions on the CB went uncontested this year. The same lads who want something will sit in the car until throw in so they don't have to umpire a club game, that's if they bother their holes going to club games.

Theheinoking (Meath) - Posts: 123 - 05/05/2023 10:45:06    2475849