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Replying To Blackspot09:  "Ok so I probably didn't explain my thought very well. I don't mean they gave us the kick outs as in they dropped all the way back outside the 45 and let us have them but they certainly didn't go full aggressive push up on us man on man and even some of the half packs pushing in for the overload. They were quite happy for us to get them away to our wing back spots in the knowledge they would easily turn us over force the free or we would give it way cheaply.

My point is I wouldn't be reading too much into apparent reasonable success on the kicks outs because I believe Dublin were very content with us getting some away to those areas.

I would be more inclined to judge how we are progressing with our kickouts when we come up against sides who push up and make it very difficult to get them away . If we start getting success regularly in these games I would say our kick outs have improved."
Well Blackspot, I see your point now once you explained it better.Yes as I've said we need to do it on a consistent basis and it's far from the finished article and hopefully we will do it when we meet a full on press.I just thought we done well in keeping our kickouts and the 2 lads in the middle won a fair bit considering playing against such a strong midfield.

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Replying To Borderroyal:  "Could it be the Situation where o rourke wanted to see if we are to play Dublin later on where we stood again them.
Maybe now he can assess and plan accordingly just a thought I'd throw out there."
I personally think o Rourke wont go ultra defensive as he was going on about it for years on TV that it's not the way football should be played. But he now knows we canrt go all out attack mode against top teams either.It will have to be a mix of both.We dont let the ball in quick enough sometimes taking the extra solo or pass and allow teams to reset.We get men back behind the ball but they seemed to be caught between going marking the man or marking the spaces.Our tackling is letting us down as well if we improve that say even 20/30 percent we will turnover more balls and maybe we can then catch teams out.I know that's not going to happen like a switch on or off but simple things like that would improve us.

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