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Best Current Intercounty 15 (1 Player Per County)

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Well everyone, saw this one on facebook the other day it alot tougher than it seems to name a solid team only picking 1 player per county. This is my attempt feel its a solid team.
KG - graham briody (Laois)
CB - David Murray (Roscommon)
FB - Ronan McNamee (Tyrone)
CB - Donal Keoghan (Meath)
HB - Sean Powter (Cork)
CB - kilian Clarke (Cavan)
HB - Lee Keegan (Mayo)
MF - Brain Fenton (Dublin)
MF - Michael Murphy (Donegal)
HF - Rory Grugan (Armagh)
CF - Shane walsh (Galway)
HF - John heslin (Westmeath)
CF - David Clifford (Kerry)
FF - Daniel Flynn (Kildare)
CF - Conor McManus (Monaghan)

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