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To br honest I came into this years league realistically looking for performances but not expecting too many points. When I look back at it I can honestly say that with the tiniest bit of luck and a bit more experience we could very easily have picked up 6 points. We ve more or less played the whole league without a free taker which is almost impossible to do at this level. Down in Killarney we had the beating of Kerry and then we left the 2 points behind us against Mayo and Galway. If the only good thing to come out of this horrible time is that the league is cancelled and we get to stay in Division 1 I'd be hesitantly optimistic of staying up next year. Really enjoyed the buzz of Div 1 this year, Killarney was a great trip and those players definitely didnt let us down. Someone mentioned in an earlier post that we need strength and conditioning. I actually cant believe how strong in the tackle our lads have become and we basically bullied Kerry in their own back yard. I was in the Hill of Tara last weekend and Cillian o Sullivan was there training on his own. If u seen the runs he was doing and the work he was putting in and then u realise he does this all for the pride of his club and county it strikes you what a precious thing it is we have in th Gaa. Hon the royal.

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