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What happens if Kerry win Joe Mc and don't get promoted ? Will it mean only 1 team are promoted from Christy Ring ?

StickFan (Meath) - Posts: 217 - 07/03/2020 07:16:11    2272548


Great to see Jack Fagan showing his talent on the bigger stage.

However its with a tinge of sadness that I watched it - he really should have been persuaded to stay with Meath and also his club. I am not criticising him - he has to do what works best for him. It's just that we are a big and reasonably well off county with a great GAA interest and yet we lost one of our best prospects not to Aussie rules but to another county.

Jack would have added something special alongside Regan, O'Hanrahan, Douglas etc.

And, on the other hand we are a (traditionally anyway) major football county yet I don't see us getting too many Jack Fagans on the football side either.

oldsam_newsam (Meath) - Posts: 638 - 08/03/2020 14:23:27    2272814