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Ladies Inter County Football Structure Is Best

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With all this talk of a second tier football championship I couldn't help thinking the ladies structure is best and should be adopted into the men's game. They have a junior intermediate and senior section with All Ireland finals for all these grades with promotion and relegation battles. Every player can get their head around that grading as that's what exists in every county at club level. If adopted the gulf in class where a senior team such as Dublin or Kerry would never have the opportunity to embarrass a junior team by beating them by 20+ points. All games at each grade would become far more relevant and I would imagine the interest from the public would reflect that in attendance if their team had a chance of winning something. We have a great game if played competitively but there are far too many irrelevant championship games that happen throughout the season and that takes away from its enjoyment. In the old days you always had a chance of an upset where a weaker team could knock out a giant on the day but that doesn't happen any more as every team gets at least two chances. The structure of our championship needs to change and for me I think the ladies have it right.

Poormouth (Meath) - Posts: 192 - 18/09/2019 12:53:14    2237075