Lockdown 'Live with Jerome'

February 11, 2021

Lockdown Live - James Daly

‘Sometimes it’s ok to feel sorry for yourself’ - former Armagh Ladies Football manager James Daly on dealing with the current lockdown. James lost his wife and father within 8 days in 2014. 

James was the first guest on a new series of Live Stream face-to-face covid-friendly interviews by Jerome Quinn, aimed at entertaining and helping people through the lockdown. 

‘I’ve had no work recently and this is not paid work either, but I felt an obligation to do what I can, from the resources I have and the experiences I have had in sport and life’, says Jerome. 

‘People are a bit Zoomed out, so this is good camera quality, extended interviews where I’ve selected guests who have a story to tell from all sorts of angles. People will definitely be surprised by my guest this week, but I’m saying no more for now!’

‘Live with Jerome’ is on Friday night at 8 O’Clock on the Jerome Quinn Media Facebook page.

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