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All Ireland Football Final 2020 - Dublin V Mayo - 15 Like(s)

Replying To Htaem:  "To me it seemed quite obvious, Dublin were making remarkably basic errors that Dublin just don't make, eg: 1. Kicked a sideline ball straight to an unmarked Mayo player's hands 2. For 55mins they were incredibly poor on their own kickouts and at contesting Mayo's, poorest I've seen them in a long long time. At one stage the ball went through a Dublin players legs from a short kickout by Cluxton under no pressure, unbelieve stuff! 3. Con O'Callaghan going for a goal that was never on In the final 15-20mins though Dublin just took over and sealed the game but you'd do well to convince me Dublin weren't just going a bit handy for large parts of that match. Again, no insult intended to the Dublin players, they are remarkable, but I'm not sure the opposition have the tools to catch Dublin any more."
It's interesting to think you typed all that thinking you might be insulting Dublin players.. For someone with such a razor sharp perception. . I'll leave you to figure it out. To think of the shambles of an effort Meath have put in against Dublin two years in a row. Abysmal stuff. Embarrassing. To belittle Mayo's efforts tonight when they were right in it up until late in the game with your theory that Dublin purposely sabotaged themselves... I've read some nonsense on here but well done, that's right up there. I can picture the training sessions with them practicing all the carefully orchestrated self sabotage plays.. Dear oh dear

jimbodub (National) - 19/12/2020 21:30:51

Jim Gavin Steps Down - 14 Like(s)
Best of luck to you Jim You leave a legend Great servant Thank you

jimbodub (National) - 30/11/2019 13:07:59

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year - 14 Like(s)
Merry Chri5tma5

jimbodub (National) - 17/12/2019 09:27:23

Dublin Senior Football Team - 14 Like(s)
Just back from Albert College Park on the Ballymun Road. Playground mobbed and a full scale soccer match on the go amongst the DCU students, not a long lens in sight ;) Listen what the Dublin lads did was irresponsible and down right amateurish in the extreme. The Dublin CB has rightly come down hard on Dessie, a man that only a few months ago won Dublin an All Ireland title.. being handed a 12 week suspension by his own is unheard of. It's been dealt with swiftly and without excuses, without being ignored or appealed. The message was clear. But the hyperbole is just as clear to see, it's to be expected of course and the selective condemnation is nothing new regarding Dublin but fair dues to the many level headed and shrewd contributions highlighting that very thing from across the country.

jimbodub (National) - 04/04/2021 16:11:20

U21 - Dublin v Longford - 12 Like(s)
Bad aul weather out there at the minute Difficult game ahead Longford beat a much fancied Kildare side, and at one point were playing them off the park until they perhaps sat back a bit and allowed Kildare to rebuild I was at the U-21 game a few years back when a star studded Dublin side lost to a dogged, defence first counter attack Longford sides, they 100% deserved their victory, that too was contested on a very similar night, heavy pitch, mucky, wet ball This will be far from easy if Longford bring that sort of game again, Dessie will remember that night all too well. We'll have to be just as dogged tonight

jimbodub (Dublin) - 22/03/2017 13:23:37

U21 - Dublin v Longford - 12 Like(s)
DING!!!! Oh that'll be Con ready...

jimbodub (Dublin) - 23/03/2017 11:39:38

Donnie Buckley - 12 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "You need to get a job. As you have way 2 much time on your hands. Obviously Jack is another 1 of your multi's to say you were sitting on this for nearly 9 months."
Man you need to relax a little bit and go easy on the wild baseless assertions I'm very fortunate to work for myself But there's people on here that have probably lost jobs and I think your comments are in very poor taste given the current climate Perhaps that a breath for a second This is a sports forum. I highlighted an old thread I found way down the list that is actually very relevant given the recent events. So please can you drop the completely irrelevant personal attacks

jimbodub (National) - 12/11/2020 17:59:17

2020 Championship And The Commitment Shown - 12 Like(s)
I personally wasn't in favour of the Championship going ahead this year. But with the AI Hurling semi-finals last weekend and the upcoming football semi-finals It's been inspiring to watch the commitment and determination to play on through the current mess, all against the back drop of willingly putting themselves at risk. It's made all the more impressive considering the level of skill on show even with the heavier pitches and bad weather. It may actually go down as one of the great Championships for truly demonstrating all that is good about the games. The standout stories like Cork, Tipp, Cavan and Waterford have been hugely entertaining. The 100th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday made all the more relevant with the games going ahead. Then to see the makeup of the two semi-finals off the back of it.. you couldn't make it up! No one saw such a thing coming. Every team deserves equal admiration for their commitment while putting themselves and their families at risk, just look at what happened to Sligo as an example, I know there were other counties impacted too. As I said I wasn't in favour of the games going ahead, but I'm willing to say I was very much wrong, there is little doubt that through the combined efforts of everyone involved, that it's gone a long way to help people that needed a boost. I hope all involved continue to have good health and hopefully there's more good to come from it all.

jimbodub (National) - 02/12/2020 20:36:36

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year - 11 Like(s)

Replying To Fionn:  "Have to say it is pretty sad when a poster posts a Xmas wish to all, and only gets 4 replies and his and other well wishes get a thumbs down... ffs No guessing where the red thumbs are coming from.... grow up kids.... embarrassing yourselves..."
Bunch of 5crooge'5

jimbodub (National) - 19/12/2019 20:09:58

Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 11 Like(s)
You'd wonder where Louth GAA would be now if they weren't blatantly robbed of a deserved Leinster title in 2010 That win could have brought more players into the game and given them a lot of motivation, winning breeds winning. Ask the Kerry lads.. golden ticket to a semifinal for over a hundred years certainly kept those kids showing up, that and there being SFA else to be doing Unfortunately the exact opposite happened for Louth and now we have Meath supporters making snide remarks about their performance against Dublin... Short self serving memories indeed.

jimbodub (National) - 29/05/2019 08:07:08

Kennelly Salutes Egoless Dubs - 10 Like(s)
Well said Mr Kennelly I know you're not very popular in your own county but the kind remarks are welcomed by us Dublin fans. Never mind those that can't look beyond their own noses. That "No dickhead policy" wouldn't go down well with them at all. Tadhg Kennelly says Dublin's selfless approach reminds him of his AFL club Sydney Swans. Having seen Jim Gavin's side complete the historic five-in-a-row by beating Kerry in a replayed final last month, the former Kingdom star has great admiration for the Sam Maguire Cup holders: "Jim has got to take enormous credit because they are selfless, it's all about the team. They put their egos to the side," the Swans coach told The Irish Daily Star. "They do remind me an awful lot of our own football club out here - the Swans. They are very respectful. It's all about the team, it's not about you. Put your ego at the door when you walk in. "There's a policy here in Sydney: we call it the 'no dickhead' policy, basically, and that's Dublin. Then you put the talent on top of that … enormous credit."

jimbodub (National) - 17/10/2019 16:13:57

Dean Rock - Most Crucial Score Of All Time? - 10 Like(s)
Dean Rock's score to level things up late on against Kerry, while being down a man and deep into added on time, while others snatched and were jumpy, made it look hard. Dean gets the chance and makes it look easy, as if its the first score of the game... all to keep the 5 in a row dream alive. I would advise yiz to watch it back Just stroked it over. Beatiful technique, composure and ultimate guts. Again.. as if it was just another score. Easy. I don't think enough has been made of it, which sort of sums up a lot about Dean Rock's Dublin career For me it's up there as the most crucial score of all time and a score that should be held in the highest of regards by Dublin fans Dean Rock = GAA Legend If Kev will go down as "The Kerry Killer" Dean will go down as "The Kerry Sickner"

jimbodub (Dublin) - 02/10/2019 20:39:08

MONEY - 10 Like(s)

jimbodub (National) - 24/09/2019 13:33:11

MONEY - 10 Like(s)
LoL Cluxton is a lecturer in DCU.. Yes you've certainly done your research alright haha I can confirm that SC had 3 months off over the summer apart from sorting out a few bits and bobs Just like most secondary school teachers I seem to recall Mr Donaghy taking plenty of time off work to concentrate on his football "Whaaat duuya mahek ovv dhaat"

jimbodub (National) - 24/09/2019 13:39:20

We need to talk about Paul Flynn - 10 Like(s)
"Costello very unlucky with injuries and it halted his progress, I'm still confident he can become a regular, only young still but is one player I feel will slot in and already has seen some decent game time to prepare him for his chance, two excellent feet and his time will come, he had a very good league campaign" His time just came.

jimbodub (Dublin) - 03/10/2016 13:10:05

MONEY - 10 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "6 bought all ire in a row. Some achievement lol"
Ahh now RD Zero respect for you now bud Pity but you've always been as daft as a bag of weasels

jimbodub (National) - 24/09/2019 16:45:13

Stephen Cluxton - 10 Like(s)
He'll get his All Star this year! ; ) I'd have him short listed as POTY He may not make the top 3 but jaysus two brilliant final performances

jimbodub (National) - 15/09/2019 19:52:31

Donegal Vs Dublin: NFL Div 1 2017 - 10 Like(s)
Donegal missing a fair few faces at this stage Quite an inexperienced Donegal team at present, and well by the looks of it are in a bit of a transitional phases now I wonder If they'll give us a rattle at home and not go ultra defensive like Tyrone did against Dublin I'd fancy us to take the 2pts, and another away win would be a very valuable couple of points The Donegal posters seem to think they are in for a rough time of it, but on a heavy pitch (weather not looking good over the next couple of days) It could prove harder for Dublin to break them down. Dublin to win after a bit of a slog, Dublin by 3+

jimbodub (Dublin) - 22/02/2017 13:20:12

"Just Not Enough Good Men" - Brolly on Mayo - 10 Like(s)

Replying To seanie_boy:  "Can you elaborate bit more about Boyle Jimbo? Just trying to understand better where you're coming from although I think I get the gist. I've loved watching Colm Boyle over the years. As you said an absolute warrior for Mayo over the years."
Howya Seanie Regarding Colm Boyle He always made me think of the Dublin men that made up the 90's Dublin half back line. Skillful, tough, dedicated and willing to put their head where another wouldn't put their foot. Probably my favorite Dublin line of all time, they were hero's of mine when I was in my mid-late teens, like in Mayo's case they made up a shortfall of out and out quality forwards, one particular player Eamon Heary was a fan favorite, and unfortunately after grinding at the wheel for years he missed out on 1995. It was a sour point about that victory for me, he came back in under Whelan but the team was done at that stage and would be for the next 16 years! Seeing Colm Boyle's face coming off the pitch reminded me of that. The face of a man that gave his all but will more than likely miss out and you could see what may have been going through his mind. Is this the last time I walk off this pitch etc. He's a player I admire and have enjoy watching so it wasn't nice to see. I think in life we can all relate to such circumstances in our own way. That's why the timing of J Brolly's article was in poor taste. Kicking them when they are down sort of stuff. They deserve better IMO

jimbodub (National) - 13/08/2019 09:47:52

Stephen Cluxton 100 - 10 Like(s)

Replying To WanPintWin:  "Not forgetting Kerry greats Eoin Liston and Colm Cooper. Two fine English surnames."
Huh.. explains something An English named man that reigned over his mighty kingdom and considered GAA Royalty by his loyal subjects. It's no wonder he had such an exuberantly expensive state dinner in his honor.

jimbodub (National) - 12/06/2019 09:18:42