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Meath V Cork - 15 Like(s)
Unfortunately there are a number of deluded supporters who post (some with great regularity) who think everything they say is important and what is posted makes a difference. I also expect that players or indeed management do not read these sites. Some of the guys who are now complaining were complaining about the last manager (forked tongue I would suggest). I wish all players and management past and present the very best.

browncows (Meath) - 28/02/2018 14:19:21

Tactics if Meath play Dublin next year? - 14 Like(s)

Replying To southmeathgael:  "Ah will ya give over......its not negativety.....its simply being honest with ourselves and stating things factually.....we are so far behind Dublin it's scary and I can say now in my opinion no matter how the league goes or what players we have we aren't Getting within 8 points of them. Believe you me that sickens nobody more then myself but it's just the reality of it now.....and to suggest that fans showing blind faith and possitivity on a forum is somehow going to change the outcome is make believe stuff altogether."
I agree with you and saying it as you see it is not being pessimistic. Sometimes you have to be able to assess accurately where you are before you start on a successful journey. Some folk write off the O'Byrne cup and say that it is nothing yet interesting enough JIm Gavin (the stand out manager of our time) has quoted it in his success this year. It was won for the first time in 10 years over 1 year ago - winning any competition is good and the Dubs won it last year with a second string. The problem inside the county at present is that you could put out another team, as good as the present one -but it would be no more successful. It is very difficult for players to commit knowing that in the next year or two you are not going to beat the Dubs- the standout team of our time. Now over time I see the team improving (I hope) and I see the Dubs falling from the high level that they are now at-when the decline comes is difficult to predict and I do not go along with this notion of money bringing success. You need the players, you need the commitment and you need the prospect of success. Some posters say it is all about the league- when did the league become more important than the championship? You start where you are and win as many matches as you can going forward-build confidence. I wish everyone involved the very best going forward and just hope that the fools of supporters stay at home- the ones who shout abuse from the stands/side lines when things go wrong on the field of play.

browncows (Meath) - 21/10/2017 12:31:31

Meath V Cork - 14 Like(s)
Furlong1949 (Meath)- I wish a speedy recovery to your parent and hope all goes well into the future for you. We all give our opinions about football and sometimes we make comments to give a bit of a rise. However, there are much more important things in life with the health and welfare of those close to us the most significant.

browncows (Meath) - 22/03/2018 19:31:25

Boards Forum Restructuring - 13 Like(s)
CC2020 (Kilkenny)- disagree with most of your points. I think that you need a new forum just for yourself.. The posts need to be reviewed as currently occurs- look at other sites and read some of the rubbish posted and some of it very insulting to individuals. Hogan Stand- Keep up the good work and ignore the posters who whinge about the site-guys who think that they know best.

browncows (National) - 26/07/2020 14:19:32

2019 Predictions? - 13 Like(s)
royaldunne-You may be an excellent supporter but your predictions are unfortunately almost 100% incorrect. I do not do bashing. I support the present management just like the last ones and wish them the best in a difficult job. You cannot hide from the facts that the team is no better than it was 3 years ago (maybe not as good), so all this nonsense about we are fitter, more determined is just plain nonsense and you need to waken up to those facts. You will only know whether the team is stronger this year than last year at the end of the league (they had to beat Louth to stay in Div 2 in 2018) but I have seen nothing yet to agree with your optimistic predictions (hope I am completely wrong though). I conclude in saying that I wish all involved the best of luck going forward and it takes excellent commitment to be involved in county football. I do agree with you in that players do need to realise that they always have a good chance of winning.

browncows (Meath) - 04/01/2019 00:57:44

Meath v Carlow 3 Jan 2018 - 13 Like(s)
RD- Trump has a position for you in the White House based on 'false facts' To say we would not have beaten Carlow previously is one such twist!- we beat them in the same location 3 years ago in the same competition and there was no panic either! Now on captain's position- you gain most respect as a captain by you performance on the field of play- not by shouting at other players. Now a win is a win and conditions were very difficult suiting the bigger slower players. I expect to see a win against Wicklow ion a good pitch and it is good to see new players getting a go- just hope it continues with no injuries- best of luck to all.

browncows (Meath) - 05/01/2018 10:52:16

Meath Player Of The Decade? - 13 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Donal keoghan, graham Reilly, micky burke , stephen bray Kevin Reilly. Hard to take one out of those."
Are you still smoking the ould stuff?

browncows (Meath) - 26/07/2019 10:00:16

Meath v Donegal - 12 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Think you posted that on wrong thread. Look mod put Meath football back years. It will take a real manager at least 3 years to sort out the mess."
If you read my post you would be able to understand that I am not criticising the manger present or past, unlike yourself who appears to be obsessed re same. As I have said frequently, I would never criticise a player or indeed any manager/management, as they all give up considerable time to progress the team performance.

browncows (Meath) - 23/07/2017 17:57:46

Have Meath improved in 2017? - 12 Like(s)

Replying To ziggy32001:  "well any players that i talked to don't like the current champ structure,the rest fine,but not the champ structure."
I would like to see every player given the opportunity in playing in senior championship, which would mean combinations of intermediate / junior teams.

browncows (Meath) - 03/08/2017 18:29:02

Meath 2018 - 12 Like(s)
On a much more important topic I wish Sean Cox of Dunboyne GAA a speedy recovery from that horrible random attack in Liverpool. I wish all the best to him and his family at this time.

browncows (Meath) - 26/04/2018 17:13:20

Division 2 2018 - 12 Like(s)
Royalio11 (Meath) - He is entitled to make his comments and he did give good service to the county team over the last number of years.- Now you and a couple of other keyboard warriors may not like what he says, and I may not agree with all he has said. However, his opinion is more important than anything that you or I (or any other poster), may put on this tread.

browncows (Meath) - 17/02/2018 19:58:56

Joe Brolly Finished With RTE - 12 Like(s)

Replying To Bon:  "It was easy to listen to with intelligent respectful analysis. Pat Spillane was extremely dignified in defeat. Brolly was zero loss whatsoever."
Pat's analysis is no different than Brolly's - very poor-both of them could do with a trip to spec savers. I remember his slogan 'puke football'. In the match today there were periods when back passing went on for 1 minute plus and as Kerry were involved, the match was considered a classic by him. Match analysis is carried out by individuals and their analysis is no better than you would get in the average pub around the country- the analysis is a game in itself and RTE plays it own game.

browncows (National) - 15/09/2019 01:51:30

Meath V Cork - 12 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Thank goddess their is some sensible people on this site. I have never read such utter utter bs than scrap pt development and pull team out of all competitions, for what ? For county champs to be easily dismissed in Leinster. We haven't had a decent senior champion since dunboyne all those years ago. The only thing I will give credence to is restructuring the senior championship with 2 down one up for 4 years or that only 1 teams progress from group stages to straight knock out. But we all know the delegates won't vote for either of them , so it's really pointless, there should be committee set up and their findings are final and implemented."
I'm not aware of that great Dunboyne team or when it existed (no dis-respect to Dunboyne) -it was obviously before my time -was it BC?

browncows (Meath) - 14/03/2018 00:23:02

Meath V Cork - 12 Like(s)
Furlong1949 (Meath) - Posts- You are posting a lot of stuff which is totally irrelevant and rubbish in the present context -judging by your post you have a lot to learn!!!-no disrespect. Your opinions of good players are with the birds. Now there are a few players on the present team who are as good as some of the players who won AI'S - but not most of the ones you have mention, unfortunately we do not have many outstanding players. For a starters it would be good if we could get the best players playing for the count which unfortunately we do not have. The best of luck to all involved on Sunday.

browncows (Meath) - 18/03/2018 01:52:54

O Byrne Cup 2019 - 12 Like(s)
I have seen both matches and the difference is the type of football being played. Westmeath attack with pace while we spend all our time with about 12 players behind the ball with nobody marking anybody. To improve we need to change the style of football that we have been trying to play over the last 4-5years. Dublin as a team are above the sum of the individuals while we are the reverse -below the sum of the individuals. Wish everyone the best next weekend.

browncows (Meath) - 19/01/2019 11:14:29

Meath v Donegal - 12 Like(s)

Replying To ziggy32001:  "no better than last year? god almighty... the team are fitter for a start than they have been for years."
Yes they were much fitter against Kildare!!. Fitness has never been a problem except in the minds of posters. Seriously though I will not judge as early days and everyone including all the players put in a huge effort. Games which end with a 1 point margin could go either way. I am not a fan of a defensive plan for an entire match. Great occasion on Saturday and great to see families sitting in the sun on the safety of the grass on the hill -Just wonder who was the moron from H & S who deemed sitting on grass as dangerous. Hope that all injured players have a speedy return to football.

browncows (Meath) - 10/07/2017 13:53:48

Meath v Donegal - 12 Like(s)
bobkarlgees (Meath) - not sure about what you term success. Most folk judge success on what is won. Last year the O'Byrne cup was won (it may not have been much but it was 10 years since it was last won) and this year we won nothing. Last year we had 4 away league games and this year we had 3 away games and we were not promoted either year. In the championship we got lucky draws, all home fixtures and we beat Sligo and could have beat Donegal. Now next year we have to contend with Cork, Down, Roscommon, Cavan and a few more which will make getting out of Div 2 difficult but not impossible. Now there are guys posting here who think that a glass have full is better than a glass half empty - the are the same. One can produce stats to try to validate ones own opinion but that does not change the facts. Guys are now saying that we are a lot fitter and we play well in second half - against Kildare we did not play in either half. Other guys posting that we have the best players available because most of the team is from their own clubs-so what are we to believe? Are we to believe that all the good players are from clubs who haver won nothing within the county at the highest level. I do not have the answers but pose some questions. In conclusion I would say that everyone involved at county level has put in tremendous effort and it is only the first year for management. Some posters are now complaining about negative posters but these same posters were very negative last year. For 2018 I say, support your team irrespective of the result as everyone involved give there best and give up their considerable precious time for the good of their county.

browncows (Meath) - 12/07/2017 00:44:55

Plans For Moving Forward....If Any ! - 12 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "So then there is absolutely no issue with Meath league performance this year? Glad also to see that you have got over the fact that we beat Galway with mod."
Unlike yourself I have not criticised any manager past or present irrespective of how successful they are and I have gave no opinion on league performance -it is result based. You obviously have not read some of your own posts. I do take issue with others like yourself who claim certain players are excellent when in fact the are average even by any standard including club standard.

browncows (Meath) - 18/04/2018 00:28:06

Meath v Carlow 3 Jan 2018 - 12 Like(s)
Ziggy- How can you say a team is a good team when it has played no matches or won nothing -explain?

browncows (Meath) - 30/12/2017 20:32:40

Have Meath improved in 2017? - 12 Like(s)

Replying To ziggy32001:  "yet would say 75% of the players would disagree with this...."
I'm not sure that you would know whether 75% of players agree with your post or where does your information come from to make that statement! Usernameinvalid - My post was referring to the poster who makes a habit of criticising the standard / structure of club football inside the county yet, never or seldom attends any matches.

browncows (Meath) - 03/08/2017 14:22:10