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Meath U17s - 14 Like(s)
Congrats lads no doubt best under 17 team in Leinster , get behind your lads this competition has not gotten the coverage or respect it deserves well done

Damothedub (Meath) - 22/07/2017 16:20:20

Meath U17s - 11 Like(s)
I posted this on the main page , you guys any idea what happens now to your under 17s ? The problem lads is how do you look after these lads , there is no u18 no u19 next stage is under 20 , This is a problem now for every county as minor next year goes to under 17 , we have a gap of two years where the question has to be asked can you keep squads together without tournament play. I don't know if our county board have plans for anyone after this year , no one seems to know , would like to hear your take on how its possible to keep them together

Damothedub (Meath) - 23/07/2017 18:12:59

Meath U17s - 11 Like(s)

Replying To head4dblackspot:  "Damo This has always been the case with no competition for 2 years, nothing new as when minor was 18s next competition was U21 So now new minor is U17 and next competition is U20 What's the problem??"
Not a problem as such , but a second year minor most likely is 18 going to college , some of the lads playing yesterday are still 16 in many ways very young adults , without the discipline of say another year there is a bigger chance of fellas falling by the way side , just my thoughts

Damothedub (Meath) - 23/07/2017 21:11:28

Come Back Mayo All Is Forgiven - 10 Like(s)
Said in jest meant in earnest , interesting I've heard more postitives about Mayo in last couple of days than when they were actually playing, I'm reminded of the lad who's injured and every time his team loses his stock goes threw the roof , of course I'm writing prior to the final but I have to say none of the teams looking to dethrone Dublin are within an arses roar of Mayo at there best , they were monster unlucky with injuries this year and truth be told in need of a rest , the championship needs them to comeback in 2019 regardless of who's champions , championship needs quality and only a fool would argue Mayo in full flow don't have it

Damothedub (National) - 13/08/2018 18:37:55

Meath Under 18s - 10 Like(s)
20th of the May Dublin under 17s v Meath under 17s , after the weekends result possibly puts a bit of pressure on your young lads , would you agree ?

Damothedub (Meath) - 08/05/2017 12:13:33

Meath Under 18s - 10 Like(s)

Replying To Damothedub:  "20th of the May Dublin under 17s v Meath under 17s , after the weekends result possibly puts a bit of pressure on your young lads , would you agree ?"
sorry lads wrong date , think its June our 17s clash

Damothedub (Meath) - 08/05/2017 13:40:59

Meath U17s - 10 Like(s)
Best of luck to your young lads , big incentive for the winner to be on a triple header in HQ

Damothedub (Meath) - 09/08/2017 13:11:12

MONEY - 10 Like(s)
Have hardly posted on here for about a year , having thralled through this heap of garbage which seems to be caught between a windup and whinge fest I now remember why , best of luck to the decent folk on here enjoy what's left of the club stuff .

Damothedub (National) - 15/10/2019 18:45:24

NHL Dublin v Tipperary - 9 Like(s)
I said they allways surprise , didn't have the courage to predict it had a suspicion , they've always been that way , chalk n cheese displays , Of course the win and points were important but more than that pride was restored , we needed a committed perfotmance and boy did we get it , savage display in defence hunting in packs tackling with intent , Delighted for lads who travelled with hope in their hearts and not much else .

Damothedub (Dublin) - 19/02/2017 10:04:01

Con o' Callaghan - 9 Like(s)
Think it was jumbo that was first off the block last year re the animal that is Con last player to carry this amount of pressure would be C Kilkenny, think Con will be a serious potent weapon come business end ,

Damothedub (Dublin) - 27/02/2017 18:22:23

NHL Dublin v Tipperary - 9 Like(s)

Replying To MesAmis:  "I know Cork beat Clare and all but they're still not very good. They'll still beat this Dublin team easily though. I'm heading down in anyways, going to the in laws for the weekend, but I've got zero expectations. I'd take a less than 10 points defeat right now."
Understand the pessimism how could you be anything else , FairPlay in making the journey easy to go on the road when everything is going well , in Tipp myself watching the young uns , Hope we get a performance across the pitch for full duration , if the result doesn't go our way so be it , but we need to rise above what we did last week , senior lads need to lead. Dublin hurlers have allways had bounce back ability hard to see it but you never know.

Damothedub (Dublin) - 17/02/2017 15:20:48

2017 - 9 Like(s)

Replying To waynoI:  "You will fume when Meath or Kildare beat us in Leinster at some point in the not too distant future my friend !! :) Up the Dub cubs"
What evidence is there to say Kildare or Meath will beat us in the not to distant future , on the contrary Id say all evidence points to the exact opposite , a quick scroll through Meath and Kildare pages will quickly tell you how they feel about where they are . Dublin are in a very strong position , just cant agree Wayno1 with not to distant future .

Damothedub (Dublin) - 30/01/2017 13:08:35

Who Can Challenge Dublin In 2019 - 9 Like(s)

Replying To legendzxix:  "Can you just winter well?!"
Not a problem , if you guys can give up telling porkies on sports science , underage development and what's been done by all counties, I've been told I shouldn't go on about my son playing in development squads , yet he's one of these guys that is supposed to be getting super dietary advice and free meals , superior sports science training and in latest post potentialy paid so he or players like him don't go to Aussie , so let me ask you bearing in mind I have first hand experience when I read lies I should just sit and say nothing , I have no issue with the GAA looking at funding and redirecting funds if it's felt for the better of the game they are best served elsewhere, I am happy to play as many games away from Croke Park , but I won't sit winter or summer and have lies told by fellas who have a smidge of knowledge but pass themselves off as experts, if I asked what FMS is and how many disciplines there are to it how many could answer before reaching for google

Damothedub (National) - 04/09/2018 22:44:30

Total Indifference! - 9 Like(s)

Replying To Ulsterman:  "Outside of Dublin and Mayo I don't think I have ever encountered as much apathy, indifference and disinterest at an All Ireland final as this one. I was talking to a few Meath fellas in Scotland at the weekend and they had the same attitude. Shrugged their shoulders and said "the game is dying on it's proverbial in Leinster. Dublin this year, Dublin next year and Dublin for the next 10 years"."
If you had come across the opposite would you have started a post on it ??? I somehow doubt it with your track record. I watched every final regardless of who's been in them for the last 44 years , I watch the hurling which my county are never in , and I will watch the minor final on Sunday , you see your either a whinger or a fan , with the likes of you we will never win because if we win the Nostradamus of the North will be on with his customary we'll done to be followed with endlessl posts of what he really thinks , and if we lose you will probably slate us for being overrated and gym monkeys , you see sooner or later you become predictable which my boy you really are

Damothedub (National) - 12/09/2017 22:16:58

Congrats to Aaron Byrne - U21 POTY 2017 - 8 Like(s)

Replying To clondalkindub:  "Yes well done Aaron Byrne , he is another class act in the making. Need to get these kids game time asap"
Need to get them game time asap , where's the fire ? What's Aaron done at senior to warrant getting game time in senior championship ? What ever happened to working your way into a team ? who are we thinking needs to be dropped ? How many of these kids are you talking about ? Obviously Con gets the nod as he's not exactly new to inter county , as for the other lads join the Q work the ass off yourself the way it's supposed to be IMO

Damothedub (Dublin) - 22/05/2017 22:53:53

2017 - 8 Like(s)
I was elsewhere today , kept uptodate throughout couple of club men keeping me uptodate via club app , is it just me who finds the term Dublin's third team just a little offensive , we are not an premiership team putting out a under strength team in a FA cup game , of course as season moves on established players drift back in , but the term Dublin's third string just doesn't sit easy , maybe I'm just touchy .

Damothedub (Dublin) - 29/01/2017 23:23:39

The young ones 2017 - 8 Like(s)
Dublin win easy enough in the end however a missed penalty by Offaly when two points up in the seconds half was crucial ,

Damothedub (Dublin) - 19/04/2017 21:42:37

The young ones 2017 - 8 Like(s)
Tipp minor hurlers beat Dublin Minor hurlers in thurles 3-19 to 1-17 improvement in last weeks performance , at the moment we are behind the best in munster but anything can happen in the summer particularly at minor , notable mention to goalkeeper Josh who was outstanding , Murphy in midfield strong game also

Damothedub (Dublin) - 18/02/2017 12:13:30

The young ones 2017 - 8 Like(s)
Just a post for anyone attending minor under twenty ones this year either code , will be in Parnell park on Sunday hopefully to watch my son play Dublin North v Dublin South in hurling Senior Colleges game winner to take on Kilkenny CBS next week , quite a few dual players (u17) involved my own lad included . Anyone see anything worth talking about just pop it up over the year , A point on minor we have not had much success since we started insisting on lads at minor choosing a code , last year a couple of the lads who chose hurling were seriously missed by the footballers , didn't think it did C Kilkenny Cormac and Eric any harm ???? Wonder if same policy will continue.

Damothedub (Dublin) - 26/01/2017 13:41:50

Dotsy - 8 Like(s)
Thank you Dotsy if ever someone gave service it was the small man from St Marks , he would have seen good and bad times but always gave everything he had , wish you all the best

Damothedub (Dublin) - 06/11/2017 16:52:41