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"Why Should Anybody Have The God-Given Right To See All Games On Television?" - 19 Like(s)
"Why should anybody have the God-given right to see all games on television? That was never the case back in the day and we all survived. Just because it's a luxury that's available nowadays and some people can pay for it, other people may choose not, and we'll all have the luxury of seeing highlights afterwards if we didn't go to the game." ________________________________ I don't think I've read something so spot on RE: televised games in all my life. People might not like hearing it, but its true. Good man Mickey. All this mumbo jumbo about the elderly who cant make it to the game, or people who cant afford it, or those in care homes etc, while its unfortunate and not nice that those people cant see their county play on tele, What about 30 or 40 years ago when there was one game a week if you were lucky?. How did the elderly, people who couldn't get to the game itself, or those in care homes manage to see their county back then ? They didn't. And whats more, it only seems to be an issue talked about for the big games. What about followers of Sligo football for example ? Wicklow, Antrim football. The ulster and Connaught hurling teams ? None of their games were broadcast live to the elderly or those who couldnt afford to go to in Sligo, Wicklow, antrim etc. Nobody cared about them. Nobody was having a go at RTE/SKY etc for not showing Any Wicklow football games to the elderly in Bray or Greystones, those in Wicklow care homes that may want to watch their county. The fact of the matter is this, There is more GAA games shown live/exclusively live now than ever before. Its impossible to please everyone. Its unfortunate but if for whatever reason you cant go the game and its not shown on tele, then that's just how it is. Some of us support other teams in other sports, we cant go to all their games, we cant watch them all on the box either, you don't hear other fans giving it socks about their organisations being a disgrace. Its impossible to show every single inter county game on tele, and every single club game on tele. Impossible. But of course you have the cry-a**ing GAA people who moan and whinge and want everything for free, as if the whole organisation runs on monopoly money. Have a day off. I drive a VW golf, and id love to buy a brand spanking new one in January, but I cant afford it. So I wont get one. Do I expect VW to just bend over and hand me one FOC cause I want one ? no. So why should we expect to be able to watch games for free on the telebox ? Where does this type of pathetic, entitlement come from ?

waynoI (National) - 06/08/2019 13:47:13

Meath V Fermanagh - 18 Like(s)
RD it's mad how many thumbs down you get from your fellow county men

waynoI (Meath) - 21/03/2019 15:07:32

Meath V Dublin - 18 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Can't not start Conlon imo. If nothing more his runs will free up Newman, he is the only player that Dublin seem genuinely worried about. So yeah start him, definitely. It's all or nothing"
how do you know who Dublin are/aren't worried about ? you go on like this "In The Know" character on here. Nobody knows anything about what the Dublin management feel outside of the camp cause nothing gets out. You have told this fantasy story about how some fella in the stand in PL was raving about James Conlon v Carlow And you expect us to take your word on that ? Have a day off dude! You chat absolute guff, nothing you say can be taken seriously.

waynoI (Meath) - 16/06/2019 13:58:49

Meath V Dublin - 18 Like(s)

Replying To WhyTheLongFace:  "is that not just one of the reason why Dublin are a good team that they can identify areas of a opposition that might trouble or worry them...Thing i like about Jim Gavin he treats every team with the same kind of respect be it london or kerry.You could learn a lot from Jim Gavin and drop the Conor McGregor attitude !"
What are you even talking about ? Im talking about RD thinking he is a guy with inside knowledge of everything, even the Dublin camp. Nobody on this forum from anywhere knows whats going on in the Dublin camp or can say Dublin genuinely fear anyone. Therefore everything out of RD's mouth is nonsense, like almost every single one of the points he makes. Lives in a fantasy world. Of course Jim Gavin wont be taking Meath lightly, where did I say he would?

waynoI (Meath) - 16/06/2019 16:20:42

NFL Division 1 - 17 Like(s)

Replying To Richieq:  "And behaving in stadium tunnels isn't for everybody either it seems, I'd be more concerned about the drop off in Dublin's discipline since Jim Gavins departure than about what division we ply our trade in if I was you."
Fair play for the concern Rich me oul bud but with 7 all Irelands in the last decade, millions of leinsters, Allianz leagues, unbeaten record and the like, Even if the whole thing was to fall apart under Farrell I reckon id be happy with our lot for a few years. No pressure on us. But still like, we will play D1 football next year despite being brutal in the league so far so every cloud and all that...

waynoI (National) - 03/03/2020 12:42:30

O Byrne Cup 2019 - 16 Like(s)

Replying To Richieq:  "Wayne you call call them a third team, back up reserves, Dublin light whatever you want it still doesn't mask the fact that last night Meath played 15 odd footballers who were playing at "ahem" home, mad to make an impression and stake a claim in the squad come league and championship, we wouldn't have faced such eagerness if we played the normal Dublin starting 15. I do not see defeat last night as a cause for alarm bells as some Meath supporters have, we have a lot of new players cutting their teeth and established players trying to shake off the effects of some scarring defeats in recent years but I like the approach being taken and an optimistic of a relatively decent year, I am also heartened by our recent underage successes which have included victories over Dublin etc so we aren't going to throw ourselves overboard on the basis of last nights game, we are well aware of the work needed and our position in the football world, defeat last night makes that position no worse than before the game."
like i said its only an obc game so yeah wouldn't be overly stressed out if i was a Meath fan, all im saying is considering the advantages meath had over dublin in terms of training in their legs, more game time (3 games to dublins 0) therefore more experience or the new rules, a stronger starting team etc, i expected Meath to win comfortably especially when they where 1-04 to 0-02 up, and while you dont write the whole season off based on an obyrne cup game in January, id be a bit downheartened by that, but some are glass half empty kinda people and some are glass half full. each to their own. i agree alot of dublin guys would have gone out trying to prove a point, but then so did Meaths lads especially the forward players. The defence was strong in personnel anyways. And it doesnt matter how hard the dublin lads where trying to prove a point, theyre still 3rd string you cant get away from that just cause theyre trying to prove a pt. Thats kinda the whole idea of lads trying to make it... theyll work hard

waynoI (Meath) - 13/01/2019 11:29:40

Disingenuous, Disgusting, Odious, Nasty!! - 16 Like(s)
Just some of the words Ewan McKenna placed ina tweet about Jim Gavin over the weekend. I think that's very harsh if you dont know the man personally. Totally uncalled for in my view. If people want to talk about Dublin playing two games in croke park, their finances, population etc then fine I respect that, and if people feel jim gavin comes across as a bit patronizing and boring, fine, I accept that too, but surely McKenna went over the line in describing jim as disgusting, nasty and odious.. Or maybe he didnt? Am I just reading too much into it ? Seems very personal to me. No need for it.

waynoI (National) - 22/07/2019 14:22:11

Dublin V Tyrone All Ireland Final 2018 - 15 Like(s)

Replying To gormdubhgorm:  "I would like to see Dublin control this game then really let loose with the subs in the second. Dublin have not given a team a hiding on the scoreboard in a final yet. But, I still remember that hammering dished out by Tyrone 10 years ago. The Mulligan goal in 2005. If Dublin do this right it would be proper revenge for all those 'soft' Dublin teams who were not able to match Tyrone's 'game management'. I not only want Dublin to win this, I want them to win it well, it's Tyrone."
I'd be confident enough that that's what will happen. For me, and I could turn out with ally of egg on my face, I don't think Tyrone are all that. they will get stuck in and put it up to us, They will be well rallied and dying to get at us, but Dublin have the superior footballers, superior bench and won't be getting complacent, which is enough for me.. honestly ? I don't give a rats what people think about our domination, i don't care if people will talk our success down on here, I don't care if people think it's bad for the game, no matter what happens we will be castigated by everyone, win well and we will be the death of the game for our success, lose and you'll get but we will be back again blah blah blah so let's just go and batter them and watch everyone lay into us for being bleedin dynamite ... I'd love us to do a 12 13 14 point no mercy job but I'll take another one point win now :D

waynoI (Dublin) - 17/08/2018 14:04:03

Meath V Kildare - 15 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Looking forward to this immensely. This is kildares all ire as per usual, Meath however have a slight eye on a certain bigger blue fish they'd like to fry. We cannot and must not be complacent, keep focused and we will win, any eye off the ball and we will be like Kerry. Bring em on. Hon the royal"
You say "Meath have a slight eye on a certain bigger blue fish" and in the next breath follow that up with "we cannot and must not be complacent". The irony of your post isnt lost. Hope they murder yous ha

waynoI (National) - 08/11/2020 20:00:46

Meath V Dublin - 15 Like(s)
Question. Everyone knows what a win/narrow defeat will do for meath in terms of confidence going forward. Meath have had a really good year and the progress has been clear for all to see, so what if Dublin dish out an absolute pasting. What if Dublin start well, get a lead, as a result are drained of confidence, Dublin show no let up and win by upwards of 15 points. What affect does that have on yous as a fanbase but also to the team

waynoI (Meath) - 18/06/2019 16:38:09

O Byrne Cup 2019 - 15 Like(s)

Replying To Richieq:  "Shooting seemed a major problem tonight, some poor wides and balls dropped short ruining some good build up play, we must become ruthless in front of goal come the league, I don't read too much into this Dublin third team chat, a hell of a lot of that Dublin team would be good enough to start for over 90% of other teams in the country, that's the embarrassment of riches available to them. Focus on Tipp now in what is, and I don't like using this phrase, a must win game."
dont mean to be pedantic but its still a third strength dublin team 30+ lads where on a caribbean cruise.. thats our whole panel. Our first 15, our second 15 and so tonight was our third 15 with every single one of the 30 odd that went not involved/seeing game time. just cause alot of those players may make other teams doesnt mean they arent dublins third strength. Thats like saying man city players that are regularly on the bench arent second choice vause theyd start for most pl clubs. On the game, fully expected a meath win. They have more game time under their belt. Have beeb training longer, have had more in game experience with the new experimental rules, had a far more experienced team against a team who for the most part have never played together, a manager who was sitting on a cruise ship on monday, have played no games with the new rules and had players dropping all over the gaff with cramp late on, and only one run out where your 2 pt win in navan didnt do you justice. While you obviously dont read a whole lot into that, its a bit disconcerting as i said on the main forum. I know RD states that McEntee will know whst he needs to address, tbh if he didnt know before nkw then he never will, he is a decent manager, but you cant get blood out of a stone and alas, the players at his disposal just arent good enough to compete with stronger Dublin teams and based on tonight where most your experienced fellas played some part, if they arent beating that Dublin team at this time of year then it's massacre stations in the summer if/when we play you with the main lads there.

waynoI (Meath) - 12/01/2019 23:14:15

38 In-A-Row - 15 Like(s)

Replying To legendzxix:  "Ballymacarbry completed an astonishing 38-in-a-row of Waterford senior ladies football titles yesterday when they came from behind to beat Comeragh Rangers by 1-14 to 0-14 in Leamybrien. The Dublin footballers' five-in-a-row pales into significance when compared to Ballymac's incredible winning streak. Their long reign looked to be coming to an end when Comeragh led by 0-7 to 0-1 after 21 minutes, but a goal from captain and player of the match Sinead Ryan left it 1-3 to 0-9 at the break, and the holders kicked on in the second half to secure another county title thanks to late points from Ryan, Brigita Valuntaite and Aileen Wall. When Ballymacarbry - which is a small village situated between Clonmel and Dungarvan - won the first of their county titles in 1981, they were managed by current former Waterford and Westmeath hurling manager Michael Ryan, who guided them to numerous county, Munster and All-Ireland successes thereafter. His daughters Michelle, Louise and Sinead have been mainstays of the team, with Sinead accounting for 1-9 of their tally yesterday."
Not sure what the Dublin footballers have to do with a Waterford club winning 38 SLF titles in a row but there ya have it, Dublin living rent free in Kerrys head. Well done Ballymacarbry.

waynoI (National) - 24/09/2019 11:07:04

Dublin V Tyrone All Ireland Final 2018 - 14 Like(s)

Replying To Fionn:  "I would say the players/management don't give a sh*te about it though. It should only act as way of encouraging them to prolong this run and keep going for as long as it can. It would certainly motivate me and give me greater satisfaction in winning."
Can't disagree with that.. I know as a fan I want us to win this all Ireland more than any other so far and IF we win I'll want next years all Ireland more than this years etc ..

waynoI (Dublin) - 20/08/2018 14:09:44

Considered Opinion - 14 Like(s)

Replying To meath1977:  "agree many Meath supporters on here and on here and on Facebook just want to knock our team. it didn't work well for us yesterday but the score board didn't show a true reflection. 2-17 to 1-12 would have been about right. we just paniced under pressure. we are just one game away from the super eights which if we could get there would be a great experience for this young team. it's hateful when you have to defend your county to your own county people which I am doing all day. fair play to you Mr Dunne your always positive about the Meath team"
Of course the score is a true reflection of the game, Dublin took their chances on the day, Meath did not, and the score reflects that fact absolutely perfectly. Does it show how good Meath are though in general, probably not, because on another day, they score a few more, but by that logic, on another day, Dublin score a penalty, On another day jack McCaffrey maybe goes for goal instead of fisting it over the bar from 8 or 9 yards out and on another day, Dublin are absolutely flawless from the get go, and rack up a much bigger tally and up the gears early doors and really annihilate Meath, but the game wasn't played on another day and so you judge it on yesterday and yesterday Meath's performance ended in the result it deserved, and that was a 16 point defeat. IC level against the top teams can be a very, very sobering experience and it can turn ugly very quickly, especially when you aren't experienced in playing them top teams on a regular basis. Beating teams of a similar standard can make it seem like youre making bigger strides than what you actually are. Speaking of reflections, is it *really* a mad coincidence that it didn't work yesterday against a top top team, Maybe yesterday when you look back, WAS a true indication that Meath just aren't ready for Dublin, despite the all the bravado and history lessons from certain posters were giving about putting it up to Dublin in the past. f you take a step back and actually analyse it in the cold light of day, what evidence was there pre match that Meath could really take a cut at Dublin ? Alot of it seemed to come from the heart and emotion of decades ago, saying teams in the distant past could, and how they would have this Meath heart and passion. Problem with that logic is tht they where much better Meath teams, but more to the point, This version of Dublin under Jim Gavin aren't just the best Dublin team of all time, they're arguably the best gaelic football team of all time. - Put Dublin of very recent times up against a Meath team who hadn't played a D1 team in Croke Park since the last time they played Dublin in 2016 (when they lost by 10 points), Who hadn't played in a Leinster final since 2014 (which also resulted in a 16pt defeat), A team who 12 months ago lost to Longford in Leinster and this year beat three D3 sides to get to the final - should anyone really have expected anything but a very comfortable Dublin win ? If you want, you can go further and add to the equation this Dublin teams experience of winning games, The fact that since Meath last beat Dublin in 2010, we won 6 all Irelands out of 8, including the last four. Weve consistently played the rest of the top teams in Ireland, home and away in the league - and won. Any mental baggage of that defeat in 2010 has long been forgotten, None of them care about losing to Meath. Then turn it around, Apart from G.Reilly, how many of that Meath team have never mind beaten Dublin, but been in a competitive game against them ? Up until yesterday, When did Meath last play in front of a crowd of 47,000 ? Expecting that current Meath team to rock up and scare Dublin was pie in the sky stuff. Its like hoping an army of one can go to battle with a plastic knife and beat an army of 100 with fully loaded Ak47s and sub machine guns.

waynoI (Meath) - 25/06/2019 00:01:30

O Byrne Cup 2019 - 14 Like(s)
Looking forward to Dublin v Meath on Saturday evening. With most of the Dublin squad from last year still over in the Caribbean (not certain when they are back), no game time under the lads who are available's belt apart from a run out in the Sean Cox fundraiser in Navan a few weeks back, I expect Meath to prevail fairly comfortably here.

waynoI (Meath) - 07/01/2019 10:47:49

Return Of The Championship - Excited ? Not Overly Bothered ? - 14 Like(s)
Personally ? I'm struggling to get up for it. For obvious reasons it wont be the same and you can totally understand why. Not being able to go is my issue. Most of us will be in the same boat in that we aren't used to that. The main thing for me going to games down the years is you feel involved. Obviously that'll be totally different now. I cant say I've watched a minute of GAA action since Dublin's last league game against Tyrone in Omagh which feels like about 2 years ago at this stage. Maybe when our game throws in against Meath tomorrow night ill be right up for it, but right now its just a bit meh. I can promise this however, When this is all over I will never ever take for granted the stuff i used to take for granted. As an aside, I really, genuinely hope everyone is doing okay. Its a tough time at the minute and one we never saw coming this time last year. I'm lucky in that I'm still working but me bird is being made redundant in early December, right before Christmas which is grim so I'll have to be there to keep her spirits up. Please look after yourselves, your partners, your mothers and fathers, Brothers and Sisters, grandparents, friends, neighbours etc especially with the days getting shorter and the bad weather that'll start to arrive in the winter months. Its going to be absolute graft for a lot of us. If you need to talk, Don't be afraid to reach out. Someone will listen and crucially, you can be somebody else's someone. We all need to look out for one another and ourselves and make sure if there is someone at a low ebb along the road, that we can pick them up keep going forward, putting one foot in front of the other. It might not seem it right now, but things will get better and one day and with each passing day, is a day closer to putting all this behind us, even if the numbers don't make that look likely right now. I cant say when, but I can say that in time, Life will return to normal and everyone who comes through it, will be stronger for the experience. One day we will all be going to games again. Drinking pints, over analysing the most minute details as if were part of our counties management team and we will raise a glass to those we lost along the way but also in hope that we don't see dark days like these again Until then, Keep the flag flying. Take care

waynoI (National) - 16/10/2020 11:58:40

Meath V Dublin - 14 Like(s)

Replying To Marara:  "The point he is making Waynol is that GAA is different to all the examples you have listed above. The vast majority of the posters on this forum would have an affinity to their local club, whether that's playing, coaching, involved in organizing or even just as a regular spectator. The thing about the vast majority of Hill 16 and it's occupants any day Dublin are playing is that there is very little difference in them and soccer fans in the premier league. Their involvement in football consists of putting their jersey on, going for pints etc stand on the terrace and sing songs, few more pints and away home. And the next time they see an O'Neill's ball not on TV is the next time dublin are playing. My club is full of people from all over the country due to the proximity to Dublin and jobs. GAA people get involved in GAA. Doesn't have to be their club or located in their county and that's the simple point that was being made to you and you so clearly never picked up on. Now go and make sure you have your Dublin jersey washed and ironed for Sunday! :)"
Even if that is the point that RD is making (or anyone for that matter), it's total snobbery. What gives someone who is involved with a club a right to judge someone else who isnt. There are a lot of "real GAA people" with serious superiority complexes. People who will look down their nose at you for even daring to call themselves a GAA fan despite not being involved in the local club. So what if there is very little difference between Dublin fans on hill 16 (which is a ridiculous generalization in anycase) and premier league soccer fans (the vast, vast majority of those who are absolutely impeccably behaved all season). Yet more snobbery. For what it's worth, I've seen and heard some absolutely abhorrent abuse directed towards players at county grounds all over the country from intoxicated people wearing their club colours, would they be an example of "real GAA people" because they're part of a club ? (One of the worst cases of which was in the mayo v Kerry semi final of 2017, which, I went to as a neutral where a group of young Kerry lads where giving aidan o shea dogs abuse while smoking weed with cans they snuck in, while some were in their Dr Crokes gear) Watch the Sunday game all summer and you'll see groups of young men and women clearly out of their bins on drink, infact, I'd go as far as to say that over the course of 3 months of the summer, versus 9/10 months of watching premier league football youre likely to see more groups of Neanderthal gobshites acting up watching the Sunday game on RTE v super Sunday on SKY. It's actually disgusting how "real GAA people" act as if they are the salt of the earth and how the premier league/soccer in general is full of idiot supporters. From my experience of premier league fans, it's actually the complete opposite, the gaa fans are the morons. I digress, What I do with my time and money is my business, what anyone does with their time and money is their Business. If not being a part of the local club doesn't make me a true gaa fan then fine by me, I'm not fussed. I am a supporter of Dublin. I've missed a handful of games in the last 15 years, I travel and have spent thousands watching Dublin home and away, I've missed alot of work time with no pay to travel to watch Dublin, I've never ever gone into a Dublin game locked, and I'll have a pint or two after the summer games or on away days when I'm staying down the country. I still pay a membership to a north Dublin club, I go to alot of Dublin club games as a neutral when I'm not in work, i pay 140euro a year to the county board for my season ticket and I'll go the game on Sunday and have a few post game pints with the lads in the city centre. I will have my Jersey ready for Sunday, just like I've had it ready for every single game this year and will have it ready going forward. I think alot of real GAA people could do with losing the holier than thou attitude. And even after Alllllllllllll that, it still has no relevance to my question, why dont all Irish people live in Ireland, should all Irish people in Australia not just live in castlebar, castleknock etc ?

waynoI (Meath) - 19/06/2019 16:14:54

2019 Division 1 League Final. - 14 Like(s)
Jesus a Kerry man interested in a league final ? If this continues someone will need to take matters into their own hands and hire a mini bus

waynoI (National) - 24/03/2019 20:40:16

MONEY - 14 Like(s)

Replying To traleegerry:  "Right all you real Gaa buffs. Can we have a serious discussion on the money Dublin Gaa receive I can accept that as per head of population there is nothing wrong with the amount they receive as every other county receives the same per head of population so no prob there. Where the problem lies is and being honest I will tell you what people think in our 32 county Gaa world they are asking them self's does the Dublin goal keeper S. C GET OUT OF BED EVERY MORNING AND GO TO HIS PLACE OF Work I. E a lecturer in DCU I think and give lectures. If the Dubs want to quash these constant jibes about money let some body come out yes he does go to his place of work and lecture and do let us the last time at the very when he did and the same applies to the rest of the Dublin squad or is it that the squad are being paid as full time professionals and do not go to work at all. That is what people think that is where the funds are going to keep these guys as full time pros for 6 months of the year. No other county can afford this so it it is not a level playing field for all. I have done my research here in kerry and have done some research in Cork as well and the majority of the players are going to work and training. Would some in Dublin clear it up and it will stop the snipping. Tell the truth and if you do not know research it and confirm what is true"
Hiya "Gerry". Hope you are well bud. I've done a small bit of research and from the studies ive done I can confirm that Dublin 2015-2019 is, a 5 in a row winning team thus making them the greatest team senior mens GAA team in both codes, of all time. I can also confirm that Dublin will winter well. And furthermore, I can confirm that in 2020, we will be going for 6 in a row. Hope my studies help. Have a pleasant day. My kindest regards. waynoI xx

waynoI (National) - 24/09/2019 11:01:42

2017 - 13 Like(s)
Well the back to back monkey is off our back, That in itself takes off alot of pressure. Weve won 4 league titles back to back, And so i wouldnt mind seeing a little bit of experimenting until the Semi finals as i still think we have more than enough without the likes of Cluxton, Bernard, Diarmuid, Flynner (to name a few who could get a longer break) to still finish in the top 4 with Mayo, Kerry and Tyrone. I say it at the start of every year, We have to give someone else a consistent run in goal in the OB cup and League, who that should be i dont know, thats for Jim and his selectors to figure out, but cluxton wont be around forever and we simply cant just throw whoever his succesor is into the deep end when Cluxton goes with little or no game experience with the panel outside of training matches. I wouldnt object to even giving Stephen one half in the league games, and his understudy the other half. Whatever, just show signs of blooding a new goalkeeper as that position has become one of the most important positions and could potentially be a springboard to any up and coming team, or as in our case, a team looking to improve despite being the best.. With Jack McCaffrey potentially coming back, (I cant see a scenario whereby he isnt involved if, as it seems he has, makes himself available) id see this as the perfect opportunity to do something with the midfield, Maybe try James McCarthy in there alongside Fenton and have a half back line of Lowndes, Small, McCaffrey (If O'Sullivan gets a longer break, if not, Small, OSullivan, McCaffrey) because as of now, i dont think Michael Dara is of the required standard. A lovely guy, A role model to the younger lads, But he sadly isnt good enough if this team strives to move forward and improve. Id hope to see more of Cormac Costello and Paul Mannion. I think Cuala's involvment in the club hurling championship could see Con O'Callaghan miss alot of potential game time and so we wont see him play all that much i wouldnt think. But if he is available and commits to the football for 2017, I'd love to see him get minutes under his belt. He is a very promising youngster. Im not sure we will see Eoghan O'Gara play for Dublin again after his outburst at the banquet in October and subsequent absence from the Mansion house and Smithfield for the homecoming celebration, But if thats left in the past, I'd like to see him get a consistent run too because i believe he still has so much to offer. Overall, before a ball is kicked in 2017, Id like to think that we can at least replicate our championship titles by winning Leinster and a third Sam in a row, We remain the team to beat and while its everyone elses job to improve, Its also vital that we improve aswell if we are to keep our seat at the top table. Too early to make any predictions but im looking forward to another year supporting this incredible bunch of lads.

waynoI (Dublin) - 09/12/2016 11:17:17