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Slán Patrique.....R.I.P.

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Indeed lads, just reading through the tributes there again from everyone and I think its fair to say that's he's still sorely missed on here.

I don't know what he would make of the current state of Antrim GAA including the casement saga, though I dare say he would have still been pinting away in casement reminding everyone of the good times and reassuring us that they will return.

I do think he would be hammering the Tories though!

bumpernut (Antrim) - Posts: 1852 - 20/10/2015 14:18:59    1800603


When I saw this Bumped - I thought initially that it was a first anniversary - cant believe its four years
Sorely missed on this forum - Greatly enjoyed his refreshing perspective on things and tales of yonder adventures and encounters - even more so on the non gaa forum

ruanua (Donegal) - Posts: 4964 - 20/10/2015 15:05:24    1800632


I will always remember his warm congrats in 2011 after Dublin won the All Ireland

It was a very emotive time for us Dublin fans and for me personally with some very worrying family news

He was happy for Dublin and for the Dublin posters on this site

I can recall posting back to him and thanking him most sincerely for the kind words

He passed away only a short time after that

He went out of his way to say a kind word when he must have been quite ill

When I heard the news, I reflected for a time on that, and thought about the effort he had made at what must have been a very difficult time to say a kind word

I'll never forget that...

RIP Patrique

jimbodub (Dublin) - Posts: 20342 - 20/10/2015 15:50:24    1800652


4 years eh? Wow! Never has the death of someone i never met affected me like when i heard of Pats passing. Fondly remembered.

Bald Eagle (None) - Posts: 1009 - 20/10/2015 16:39:06    1800668


No way. Time just goes too quick. I can not believe it's four years.

OLLIE (Louth) - Posts: 12224 - 20/10/2015 16:45:15    1800674


Yeah hard to believe it's four years. Sorely missed.

Breffni40 (Cavan) - Posts: 11872 - 20/10/2015 16:58:34    1800680


Jaysus Pat
4 years :(
God bless u buddy
God Bless


Liamwalkinstown (Dublin) - Posts: 8161 - 20/10/2015 17:05:33    1800684


C'mere lads, on a light note....given Pats views on trade unions, the working man and the beautiful game, and his passion for Man City.....i cnt help but wonder, what he would make of the current "Manchester City FC"

I dont think it would sit well with ol Pat :)


Liamwalkinstown (Dublin) - Posts: 8161 - 20/10/2015 17:55:14    1800702


That's a lovely tribute jimbo. It is very hard to believe that it is four years since the great man passed away. His wit, wisdom, passion, compassion and especially his sincerity are sorely missed. God bless you Patrique.

Greengrass (Louth) - Posts: 5707 - 20/10/2015 18:45:37    1800720


I recall Pat rated Balotelli as being a different class to Messi or Ronaldo - would have been interesting to hear his views on marios Liverpool days

Also Pat was pragmatic on his support for Norn Iron so must surely be enjoying their qualification success

ruanua (Donegal) - Posts: 4964 - 20/10/2015 19:47:18    1800737


Just having a rare peek and saw the thread. Would like to add my name to the tribute to the great patrique. Had a few battles with the great man in my time, but a light went out on Hoganstand when patrique died, it was never quite the same for me again.

corkcelt (Cork) - Posts: 4388 - 21/10/2015 16:47:37    1801048


Well said corkcelt.

Greengrass (Louth) - Posts: 5707 - 21/10/2015 19:11:36    1801101


4 years?? It's a blink of an eye and hard to believe. We came from different ends of the Nationalist/Republican spectrum but I had great respect for him. He always chided me on my 'emotional views' and always urged people to ask questions of themselves too. I hope he is resting in peace.

Ulsterman (Antrim) - Posts: 9428 - 22/10/2015 14:11:00    1801258


Pat, Pat, Pat 4 years that's crazy. CorkCelt is spot on the forum has never been the same since he sadly departed. It's all been said already but the king of Hoganstand was definitely Partique. 4 years on & you know what there hasn't been anyone anywhere near close to his all round contribution..

I used to enjoy the banter with him on the 11 a-side forum but sadly it has lost all its character now that he has gone, sadly missed..;(

A shame he missed the blues winning the league and all but, he always hated the money coming into the game. I just wonder if he might of struggled with the way things have gone there at City.. I'm certain he would have found a slant to wind up us reds though I'm sure, TBH it wouldn't be hard ATM..;)

God Bless Pat I'm sure you're in heaven, missed but never forgotten…;)

Mancirish (UK) - Posts: 2196 - 22/10/2015 15:33:40    1801297


'Just as we were growing close together, he was gone'

I'd only barely gotten on here, and was trying to figure out non-F2F banter, and thought for a while that he was a WUM, and a cricketeer. Then I realised from his responses, 'swift, concise and accurate' most of the time, that he was an encyclopedia of the GAA from a far different era and a far different area.

Patrique, RIP, you brought so much more perspective to this Limerick man's vision of our Gaelic games, all of them.

God probably understands at this stage what Antrim did in both codes in the 1940's and what our handballing stats are. But I bet Patrique is still questioning him.

shoulderghost (Limerick) - Posts: 863 - 22/10/2015 17:37:48    1801339


Can't believe its 4 years since the great man has gone. I thought it was only a year. Where has that time gone

Some of the most funny posts I read were made by Patrique, but also the most well informed and thought provoking idea's too.

I hope he's looking down on us all and have a great time.

Thoughts are with his family and friends.

brian (Meath) - Posts: 1425 - 23/10/2015 08:03:29    1801408