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Replying To germac:  "No doubt the 2 teams in the final deserve to be there but most neturals would have liked to see a Glen v Kilcoo final, for me the 2 best teams in Ulster i just have an oul notion Glen by 4 or 5"
Nobody wanted to see Glen and Kilcoo. Glen and Scotstown deserve to be there, that's because they're the two best teams in Ulster. Kilcoo wouldn't win a championship in any other county in Ulster except Down.

Saynothing (Tyrone) - Posts: 1930 - 07/12/2023 18:23:34    2515908


Replying To WanPintWin:  "In fairness, it's not outlandish. It was a very tight game and I thought Scotstown were the better team on the day.
That doesn't mean someone can't think Kilcoo are a better team. They've been consistently at a high level for a number of years.
Man City lost to Aston Villa yesterday. If you asked people which of those they think is the better team, most would answer with the team which lost the game last night."
thats it in a nutshell but some people cant see beyond the garden gate

germac (Down) - Posts: 524 - 07/12/2023 18:26:33    2515910


Replying To farneygossip:  "The Scotstown team, have more outstanding stars than Kilcoo. Beggan and Mc Carthy are all stars. Mc Carron had multiple nominations. The Hughes brothers have Ulster All stars.
Scotstown will take a lot of stopping on Sunday and I think everything is going right for them to lift the Ulster club championship.
Easily the most impressive team in the Ulster club so far, scorer's and dangers in every line of the field.

Glen are looking ahead to Kilmacud and will be caught out by a seriously impressive outfit in Scotstown who have it all."
Get your wee head around this fella, You are right Scotstown are a super team and the players you named are all top players, Now try and open your eyes and read my post a few times i never said one wrong word against Scotstown, good luck Sunday

germac (Down) - Posts: 524 - 07/12/2023 18:34:27    2515911