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Two More Rule Changes Proposed For Gaa Game Ough How Them Two Boyous Ruined Our Game

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Replying To Fkd12:  "Some fun implementing the kick out rule in Junior 2b game on a dark Oct/Nov evening with a gale force wind blowing straight down the pitch......"
Forget junior b, senior championship on the West coast would have some fun. In Belmullet a kickout can end up a 45 to the opposition. I had a couple of fun games there between hailstones and tornado force winds.

cluichethar (Mayo) - Posts: 441 - 06/11/2023 18:55:01    2511819


Interesting to see Mike quirke(Kerry selector)proposing a change that would keep 4 backs and 4 forwards inside the 45 metre line at both ends of the field..I watched the kilmacud game and Kerry final and the bloody amount of hand passing was dreadful..great to see keepers getting forward but the amount of times they receive back passes is crazy,they are probably more involved than any other player great to see the pass back to them being cut out..I think until there is a change to the mindset of managers it won't change..I'd like to get players given the chance to speak on how the game is being played,they are very quite..

CTGAA10 (Limerick) - Posts: 2086 - 06/11/2023 20:45:49    2511832


Tomsmith here

I feel that any committee that would be looking for rule changes should have the two boys that caused all the hu ha in our great game on that committee.
It would make sense to put they two of them to look how to restore our great game to what it was like in the past

tomsmith (Cavan) - Posts: 3753 - 15/11/2023 13:17:00    2513164