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Have the Sunday game been told not to discuss any dangerous challenges in hurling??not a mention of sending off in Wexford match but highlighted the yellow card cooney shouldn't have got..not a mention of any of the dodgy challenges in tipp game and nothing about decisions made by is really gone so pc now it's unwatchable.

CTGAA10 (Limerick) - Posts: 2271 - 05/05/2024 23:17:39    2543243


Good programme tonight. Proper analysis of Connaught Final where Galway won in spite of everything. Incisive analysis of hurling games from Ursula.

19616609 (Louth) - Posts: 1599 - 05/05/2024 23:28:56    2543244


Watched recording of the Saturday version last night.

McManus has several times in recent months basically slagged off Dublin as "going backwards" and probably not even as good as Antrim.

Now, on the basis of a demolition of a very poor Antrim team he seems to have decided that they are suddenly very good! Both he and Daly were talking about Dublin as being in "pole position" and almost assured of a third place and even a chance of making the final.

Reality is that if we lose to Cats and Galway and do so by margins of 7/8 then more likely finish fourth. Very much an internal competition between ourselves and Wexford assuming they beat Carlow, lose to Cats and that we lose to Cats and Galway.

That is the sober analysis. They prefer superficial comment, and of course if Dublin don't beat Cats and/or Galway they be back as losers and "unnatural hurler."!

BarneyGrant (Dublin) - Posts: 2800 - 13/05/2024 08:38:00    2544401


What is with everyone saying 'clutch score' on the programme? It is hilarious. I doubt half of them know what it means.

Yesterday I watched the Ulster final and it was the first time this season I watched the analysis before and at half time. It will be a while before I watch the analysis again.

eslinchickenmaryland (Leitrim) - Posts: 78 - 13/05/2024 10:43:06    2544429


Even the Sunday night highlights show is being shortened this year

bruffgael (Limerick) - Posts: 159 - 19/05/2024 21:05:24    2545702