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Replying To tiobraid:  "I wasnt thinking past the provincial finals when I put up the last post. To the best of my knowledge, the All Ireland final is the only remaining game that goes to a replay so theres the prospect of a draw and a winner AET/penalties in every other game. For that reason we will have a change in scoring for each match up to AI final day.

As always it is one point for correctly predicting a winner (in normal time) and 3 points for predicting a draw (in normal time).

For those who predict a draw, you must also select a winner (AET/pens).

Examples for Prov finals.
If Galway- Kilkenny is a draw and Kilkenny win on AET/penalties and I predict - Draw/Galway - I will get 3 points
If Limerick-Clare is a draw and Clare win AET/pens and I predict - Draw/Clare - I will get 4 points

I hope the above makes sense and I'm not over complicating things! Let me know if you have questions. Having said all that I'm not going for a draw in either but wouldnt be shocked if both go to ET! Finals are a week from Sunday so loads of time to mull over these.

Round 6 Predictions

Galway v Kilkenny Kilkenny
Clare v Limerick - Limerick"
So just to be clear. If you predict Clare for example and its a draw at FT and they win AET then you get "0" points!

tiobraid (Tipperary) - Posts: 3990 - 01/06/2023 09:25:38    2483294