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When You See That Horrible Football (Over And Back ) Now Played People Will Soon Need To Be Payed To Go To A Game

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Replying To omahant:  "Would the Joe Brolly "Exclusion Zone" improve Gaelic football? It would certainly change it! - for the better, in my opinion - but it would need to be trialled.

Joe Brolly says:
"I am proposing that the scoring zone around the goals becomes an exclusion zone, where a defending player can only man-mark - no one can take up a space there unless he is man-marking. We have trialled this and it looks great. So, there would be a semi-circle (marked in fluorescent yellow) from the end line, 10 metres in from each sideline, running to 35 metres at its tip".

For easier policing by the linesman, I would have a 'rectangular' Exclusion Zone - say, at a new 33 metre broken line - defender is "offside" is behind the 33 without an attacking player."
did u ever hear such rubblish in all your life?

Stmunnsriver (Wexford) - Posts: 2538 - 25/03/2023 12:26:15    2466425


Certainly novel, if it's defenders that get 'offside' at that craic.

Pope_Benedict (Galway) - Posts: 2811 - 25/03/2023 12:30:06    2466427


Replying To Saynothing:  "Nonsense, playing Gaelic football evolves with time. Officials can't keep players out of the wee square, in on top of goalies so now he wants this. In soccer if a team kept the ball and play back and forwards until they got an opening for goal people would be raving about the great play."
Ah no plenty of soccer fans I know give out about tikka takka shite. They want to see goalmouth action too. Generally I don't watch much European soccer because of this. Its dull compared to some Premier League and Championship games over the water.

Viking66 (Wexford) - Posts: 7406 - 25/03/2023 13:16:46    2466440


Any sign of Tom? Did he get a bad pint?

Viking66 (Wexford) - Posts: 7406 - 25/03/2023 15:45:30    2466502


Replying To tireoghainabu:  "Gaelic football has morphed into a rugby type game where the ball is not kicked any more but passed back and forth with multiple opponents converging on the player in possession. The only players capable of pointing a forty five (with a few exceptions) is the goalie. Watching teams like Derry and Armagh would put you to sleep, fair play to Lee Keegan for calling it out."
So wait for an evolution kind to the eyes, or force rule changes? Rugby union as a spectacle has changed so much for the better - I love many of the new rules - most recently, the 50-22 rule, incentivising long range kicking. Others are: a team earns a lineout when kicking to touch on the full from a penalty; and the defending team "earns" a goal line drop out when holding an attacking player up from scoring a try. The "releasing the ball" rule is gem - no more ugly rucks prevalent in the 70s/80s games.

We can disagree on what rule changes Gaelic football needs, but in my view, it has to be as innovative as in rugby.

omahant (USA) - Posts: 2244 - 25/03/2023 16:04:37    2466515


Replying To Viking66:  "Any sign of Tom? Did he get a bad pint?"
His bubble was burst. Anyway, he has a big game vs Mayo tomorrow. The Monaghan men, Tom included, are fighting to avoid a return to the GAA El Classico vs Cavan in division 2 next year.

Fontofwisdom (Cavan) - Posts: 33 - 25/03/2023 20:45:10    2466574