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Replying To yew_tree:  "Indeed I think the celebrations last a long time in Westport and rightly so. A stag last weekend in Liverpool wouldn't have been ideal prep. Moycullen though by far the better team. Has that Dessie lad that kicked 0-10 yesterday been in the Galway panel at all?"
On the panel played mostly in the league.

One of the main differences in the All-Ireland final was Jack O'Connor was ruthless with his changes. Joyce for whatever reason didn't trust his bench throughout the championship. Paul Kelly, Dessie Conneely, Eoin Gallagher (All Moycullen players) Niall Daly,Eoin Finnerty, Finnian Ó Laoi more than useful players yet only the latter got decent championship game time.

Then you had Tomo Culhane (not even on the 26 for the last few championship games.

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