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How Do We Protect Match Officials And What Can Be Done To Help Improve Officials And Respect Towards Them

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Replying To IamADragon:  "Stop allowing just anyone becoming a ref and make refs accountable for their poor decisions."
Who should be allowed become a ref?

ExiledInWex (Dublin) - Posts: 370 - 29/09/2022 11:17:50    2442214


Replying To points50swiththeargyllsonthewrongfeet:  "Re-write the ambiguous rules. Since GAA top brass tend to think GAA laying rules are fantastic already, there is no serious desire to have them professionally reviewed from a workability and ease of implementation perspective. Get inputs from senior referees in other team contact sports, e.g., rugby league / union, AFL, soccer. Goal to end up with a rule book which as far as possible cuts out the ambiguity, and the overly-wide refereeing discretion that follows. A ref can legitimately "blow everything" or "let the game flow"; and each approach, legitimate under current broad rules, creates a very different spectacle, to the extent that, in extreme cases, it's like watching 2 different sports. Real injustices occur when the same ref, in the same game, applies one approach to team A and the other approach to team B. Bias will always be with us, but we should at least tighten up and simplify our current rules, so as to reduce the scope for the "one game, two rule-books" issue.

For inter-co championship matches, have 2 referees on the pitch.

Have a ref training academy, and professionalise inter county champion refs. Pay them, something.

Wire up the refs.

Lengthy bans for anyone who deliberately lays a had on a ref., to get rid of the "I didn't hit him, I only pushed him" excuse."
Who rewrites the rules and how many get a say in doing that.
Its the same in most sports that officials can referee differently especially when its not like tennis and a ball is either in our out. there has to be flexibility to allow for different situations that can and do arise.
of course an official shouldnt apply one approach to 1 team and another approach to the other team in a game but they can and should be free to approach things differently within the same game depending on the circumstances.
ie a big championship game a ref may start the game very strict on a certain action but maay relax this if the temperature of game isnt as high as they thought it was going to be pre match
there is far too much wrong with 1 ref and the 2 linesmen and 4 umpires at inter county level before you go and add a 2nd referee to the equation. give the linesmen and umpires more powers and more training to help them be better officials in games before adding a 2nd referee
when you say have a ref training academy what exactly do you mean and what exactly would it do?
wiring up refs for what?
a push is still a hit. it should be treated the same. you put your hands on a match official.

KillingFields (Limerick) - Posts: 2804 - 29/09/2022 13:16:20    2442230


There is a number off issues need sorting...
Firstly rules of sport aren't strong enough... A player can deliberately punch/Kick/elbow a lad maybe ending his season or work for that matter for number of weeks and what does the villain get..... A One match ban (for first offence)
Where is logic or deterrent in that.
Secondly every sending off is nearly appealed these days. I know of one case in a county where referee had stated player was sent off for striking with the hand.. player produced video to show he actually struck with the elbow and his suspension was overturned due to a technicality.... A poor Amateur referee trying to do his job as best he can and fills out his one page report is being dissected by professional solicitors etc... Justices weighs heavy on the wrong side
Finally any form of physical abuse to an official regardless of their quality/ability should have an automatic 6 month ban. To even have the thoughts to do same is those of someone who shouldn't be near a sideline and no place in our sport. Without referees our games wouldn't take part. I have yet to hear where a player is struck or physically abused because he made a mistake or because a supporter felt he made the wrong call by passing instead of shooting. People need to wise up and instead of accepting it as"the world we live in" , need to accept their is a culture of violence and we are only scraping the top of it to be fair as verbal abuse is heard at every match.

Quick suggestion... Any sort of verbal abuse to a ref he should have the ability to award a 20m free to opposition regardless of where play was at. Even if it was in oppositions keepers hands. This should include anyone from within the playing enclosure... ie include coaches mentors subs club secretaries etc. This may punish the team rather than the individual but the majority of the blame would land at the loudmouths feet

DeMan (Monaghan) - Posts: 113 - 29/09/2022 14:06:44    2442242