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RIP Dillon Quirke

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Terribly sad. May he rest in peace. My sympathies to his family and friends and all associated with Tipperary GAA

PoolSturgeon (Galway) - Posts: 1687 - 06/08/2022 17:35:17    2436460


May he Rest in Peace and God Bless his Family.

katser (Galway) - Posts: 1674 - 06/08/2022 17:56:49    2436464


RIP Dillon and condolences to his family, friends and teammates. A sad loss at a young age with his career and life ahead of him. Played very well against Limerick not long ago in the Munster championship, a standout player that day. Condolences from all Donegal Gaels.

Donegal_abroad (Donegal) - Posts: 1140 - 06/08/2022 21:20:53    2436484


Replying To katser:  "May he Rest in Peace and God Bless his Family."
Sincere sympathy to Dillon's Family , Clubmates and Friends on his tragic loss. May he rest in Peace and May the Bereaved be consoled.

Oldtourman (Limerick) - Posts: 3740 - 06/08/2022 21:45:59    2436489


Deepest sympathy to Dillons family, team mates and all in Tipperary GAA on the sad passing of Dillon . May he rest in peace We remembered him at our game last evening .

gaasport (Longford) - Posts: 19 - 07/08/2022 09:01:00    2436501


Heartbreaking loss for his family friends club and the wider GAA community. Sincere condolences to all that were close to him. He was a Hurler in every sense of the word. RIP

daveboy (Limerick) - Posts: 834 - 07/08/2022 10:52:35    2436510


One of the saddest things i've ever heard. I can't stop thinking about his friends and family. For them to witness this is just
heart breaking. RIP

LslashersFanatic (Longford) - Posts: 22 - 07/08/2022 12:06:13    2436518


A very sad day for the Quirke family, and the Tipperary GAA community. My sympathy to Dillon's family, his club mates, and members of Tipperary hurling panel.

thelongridge (Offaly) - Posts: 1374 - 07/08/2022 12:43:17    2436523


terrible sad news sincere condolences to dillons family

munsterchamps (Limerick) - Posts: 1037 - 07/08/2022 12:54:25    2436527