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Replying To Lockjaw:  "Champagne Football is an excellent read. It is a microcosm of Irish life. Shady transparency, cronyism and corruption abound. And as you quite rightly pointed out - zero culpability and accountability.

The likes of you and I would find ourselves in court eventually for not paying car tax and insurance. Or if we spent beyond our means the bailiffs would be at our doors. But for a certain cohort in Ireland the rules are seemingly different.

Anyway. I like the fact that we're at least trying to play a bit of football now. The last two performances offered some hope. What we're really lacking is a bit of genuine quality in the final third. Obafemi has potential but would need to be playing regular Premier League football to improve. In international football one or two players of real class makes a huge difference.

Look at Wales for instance. Taking Bale, and to a lesser extent Ramsey, out of the equation - pound for pound I don't think they're any better than us. If you threw a peak Robbie Keane and Damien Duff into our current eleven I don't think we'd be too far away from qualification for big tournaments."
True, in Ireland the scales of justice are fairly uneven. Reminds me of an auld maxim about financial institutions and debt: "If you owe them ten grand, it's your problem. If you owe them ten million, it's their problem".

Wales are lovely to watch and I was happy to see them qualify at last, think it's 1958 since they were last in it. Granted, Bale and Ramsey probably add a lot to their team, but for Ireland, the question should be: why aren't we producing those sorts of players any more? Even relatively poor Irish sides produced very good quality players like John Giles, Liam Brady, Peter Farrell, Jackie Carey, Tony Dunne, Charlie Hurley etc. We don't seem to produce anyone near that quality any more, possibly because of the globalization of the Premier League. But I think we need to go with the times and try to offer a better quality of football at home, or if not, get young players deals in other European leagues.

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How much of a joke have Manchester United become?

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