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Galway Senior Club Championship Draw

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Replying To BigBadBill27:  "Rumour has it, M Daly & B Mchugh wont be featuring until the later stage of the championship this year for Mountbellew! The spine of the Mountbellew team in my opinion.. That could fine them not making it out of their group, as they always seem to struggle in the early stages of the championship.."
Are they off to America?

Scrambled (Galway) - Posts: 8 - 22/06/2022 19:23:27    2426928


Replying To Scrambled:  "Are they off to America?"
Daly is recovering from knee surgery and McHugh is going travelling is what I'm hearing, might not be true but they'd be a massive loss.

BigBadBill27 (Galway) - Posts: 14 - 23/06/2022 14:11:22    2427057