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Glimmers Of New Light In A Corner Of Munster Not Associated With Hurling And Camogie

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Replying To keeper7:  "
Replying To MikeRoger:  "[quote=foreveryoung:  "[quote=MikeRoger:  "[quote=foreveryoung:  "[quote=MikeRoger:  "With five strong hurling powers in Munster, Kerry is usually grouped withy developing and weaker counties.
But in recent years both Camogie and Hurling have been undergoing a slow but steady renaissance in the greater Tralee area. Green shoots also in the Killarney area. Traditionally the big 8 senior clubs in North Kerry demark the hurling stronghold. But new names are starting to come to the table. Dr. Crokes broke the glass ceiling a couple of seasons ago, winning the Intermediate Hurling tile and unlike their predecessors, opting to join the top table as a reward.

On the Camogie side, Tralee Parnells have a growing juvenile and teenage membership that is now the largest in the county. With plans to expand and play more games this season, the Camogie management have launched a recruitment drive. (Details at this link.)

The club are now also coming of age on the hurling side, with the under 21s securing the first Tralee adult silverware in over a century. (Story at this link .)

What do others who have been in similar situations think? What are the dos and don'ts for growing clubs like these, on the development track in non-traditional Hurling and Camogie areas and what lessons learned elsewhere may be applicable?"
Stacks won the senior hurling championship in 1933. Doesn't that count as Tralee adult silverware within 100 years?"
Thanks for spotting that typo. The post should of course specify tralee-parnells-first-adult-silverware as it has it correctly in the link to

But being new to this forum, having looked around, I have not figured out yet how to edit / correct a post. Would anyone who is more familiar with the hoganstand Forum be able to tell, how a correction can be made in a case like this please?"]I don't know how to change stuff either. However, there's no need to change it. It's not such a big issue. I greatly enjoyed reading your post, and as many others have said, it's great news.

Also, I've read that Rathmore might be entering a hurling team this year.

Kerry hurling is on the up at the moment. Hopefully it will continue to prosper. A win for Kilmoyley at the weekend would be an almighty boost. Hope they do it."]Yes foreveryoung I agree, lots of good news in Kerry Hurling and Camogie development. Kilmoyley are blazing a trail getting out of Munster and I do hope they go all the way, it is bringing great exposure to the progress in The Kingdom.

Mighty to see Rathmore progressing, Eoin and few more stalwarts have been keeping the underage structures going there for as many years as I have been in Tralee. Very encouraging to see Camogie in new schools every year now, including Castleisland, Listowel, Ballybunion. It would be good as a next step to see more population centers further south joining in, including Killorglin and Cahersiveen, to bring more games exposure to those catchments.

In the meantime, on with the jobs in hand, including adult Camogie recruitment in Tralee

as posted at"]Many camógie clubs in Kerry? I only know of Clanmaurice."].
Yes Clanmaurice are blazing a trail and hopefully inspiring more girls to take up Camogie and join on of the growing number of clubs in Kerry where the sport is really on the up at the moment.

We have open recruitment and training events starting this weekend, at sessions led by our coach Díarmuid who has an MSc in PerformanceCoaching.
Tá fáilte roimh cách, bígi linn ann.

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