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Replying To CiarraiMick:  "Agree with nearly all you postes User but the reality still was Meath were poor.The reality is as you mentioned Cluxton had an off day.Probably his worst kicking performance in years and also Dublin were without Fenton (the best midfielder of his generation) and yet Meath still lose by 16pts. I agree that Meath went into game not believing they could win and just wanted to come out with credit.Meath s best work came from kickouts.If Fenton was there Id worry about the final tally.One other thing id disagree with you on though is McGarry.I think he s a great worker even if he wont give the scoreboard operator too much work.I think Cian Murphy is a super all energetic player and like the cut of McGinniss too."
Yeah, it didn't look like Meath believed they could win, but at least they should have been hoping to give the Dubs a good rattle for, say, 50 miniutes. Once the first goal went in the game was effectively over, but what I thought strange that no Meath player seemed to challenge the ref for allowing at least 11 steps to be taken before the goal was scored. I remember Robbie O'Malley complaining to the ref many years ago after Ciaran Duff took maybe six or seven steps before scoring a goal. Different team, different mindset.

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Replying To CartaDubh:  "Cian Murphy, Ross McGarry and Lahiff have really stepped this league campaign for Dublin you would imagine that they will be pushing hard for places on the championship team.
If Everyone fit Dublin 15 will be very hard to pick. Cluxton probably will retain his position in goals. I actually think O'Hanlon is better than Comerford and should have been starting in the league final.
McMahon and Murphy have been good in the league but you would imagine that Fitzsimons and Murchan both start which means that Murphy might get the other spot in the full back line.
Half Back line: John Small would be centre back, with probably Gannon and McCarthy as wing backs.
Midfield for me would be Fenton and Lahiff.
Half forward: would for me be Howard and Kilkenny wing forwards with Bugler at centre forward.
Then full forward line for me should be Small, O'Callaghan as I think that O'Callaghan links up better with Small then he does with the likes of Costello and Mannion. I would have Basquel as the other player in the 15.

The options off the bench would then be McCaffrey, Scully, Mannion, Costello, McMahon, McGarry, O'Gara, McGinnis. That's a crazy strong bench and panel that Dublin have at their disposal if everyone is fit and available."
Good call on Cian Murphy - he is turning out to be an excellent player.
He has some engine and also provides a scoring threat.

Nothing against RMG - but I cant see him making the starting team when it comes to knockout.
Good player but we have better.

TL for me is the making a midfield spot his own at this stage. Himself and Fenton are formidable partnership.

Jamesie and Mick Fitz back really strengthens the Defence.

The options are pretty good this year and we should have a very strong bench to choose from.

For me, kick outs and tighten up more at the back are the priorities.

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Dublin have no shortage of talent but where did Robbie McDaid go to?

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