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Replying To Pikeman96:  "Thought I'd replied to this the other day, but mustn't have done so properly...

Anyway, clubs would have been graded as per recommendation of the CCC, who'd have looked at the U17 results of two years ago for guidance on who should go where. Club delegates would have had an opportunity then at a Co. Board meeting to speak up if they thought they were being graded unfairly.

There's not promotion/relegation in the usual sense. For instance, there are no relegation playoffs, and winning Div. 2 wouldn't automatically mean you'd be promoted to Div. 1 the following year, because most of your winning team could be going overage and you could have a weaker group coming along behind them. Instead, each year's gradings would be based on the relevant results/standings from the relevant younger age group of a couple of years previously, e.g.:

U19 gradings for 2022 based on U17 results from 2020
U19 gradings for 2023 (if that's what happens) would be based on U17 results from 2021
U20 gradings for 2023 (if that happens instead) would be based on U17 results from 2020
And for example,
U20 gradings for 2024 would be based on U17 results from 2021.

Hope that makes sense!"
Thanks Pikeman!

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