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Window For Unfinished 2020 Minor And U20 Competitions Continues To Narrow

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Having read the Hogan Stand article, and considering the really narrow window before the leaving certificate it is really important that the GAA get an exemption/permission from Government to allow that Inter County training that is allowed for senior teams from April 19th be also allowed for the inter county teams still involved in the under 20 Hurling, Minor Football & Minor Hurling championships. (A total of 15 teams)
Games could be played and finals of all 3 competitions completed by the weekend of May 22nd/23rd ( over a week before the LC). If the government allowed those games could all be done and dusted in time for LC.
The MFC Ulster semifinals could be played May 1st, Ulster MFC and Leinster MFC & MHC finals on May 8th/9th All-Ireland MFC & MHC Semi- finals & Leinster U20 HC final on May 15th/16th with All-Ireland U20 HC, MFC & MHC finals on May 22nd/23rd.

Meathball (Meath) - Posts: 75 - 31/03/2021 17:49:14    2335455


Dont see why it should. Just leave them like hundreds of competitions across all sports from 2020 as incomplete and move on and try get the 2021 competitions up and running.
if competitions are at finals then have both finalists share the trophy and if not at a final then dont have a winner for 2020 and move on to the 2021 competition

KillingFields (Limerick) - Posts: 2549 - 31/03/2021 20:29:05    2335465