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Shock Results In Days Gone By - Even In The National League

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Replying To CiarraiMick:  "Actually fairplay you mention the fact Kerry scored only one point in first half. I'm sure alot of our Meath posters will remember Meath giving Kerry a trouncing in the 01 semi final and Kerry scored a solitary point in the second half from Declan Quill."
Remember that alright and us doing Ole's up on Hill 16 for the last 15/20 minutes...

We left with our tails rightly between our legs after the all ireland final to a chorus of ole's from the Galway fans, and fair play to them...

Was Meath beating Mayo in the AI QF's in 2009 considered a shock? Mayo had won a tough Connacht, beating the Rossies and Galway. Meath struggled through the qualifiers beating Waterford, WestMeath, Rossies and Limerick unconvincingly. They powered into Mayo in the last 20 and turned a deficit around scoring about 1-7/8 in that time. We did get very lucky with a decision in that game, ball hit a meath man and we got a sideline, was booted in before it could be noticed and we won a penalty which turned the game around.

brian (Meath) - Posts: 1025 - 01/03/2021 12:03:18    2333153


Replying To Fairplayalways:  "good point "excuse the pun"...I actually forgot about that game too..yes indeed now it comes to mind...not bettering that but the kerry team coming in with 3 in a row behind them and raging favourites in a Munster final would probably see 1987 as more of a shock if you get my drift, holding Kerry to one point in any half though is a fair achievement....getting the ball back off of Dublin now with their basket ball tactics is as much of feat almost:)"
You could be right fairplay lol.

CiarraiMick (Dublin) - Posts: 1440 - 01/03/2021 14:04:50    2333167


Down beating Meath in 1991 AI final would have been "unexpected" as such back then..I remember back then Down and Meath meeting in the championhsip was so novel, the backdoor for all its glamour and second chances and good runs by some minnows over the years has dulled the "novel" pairing really, and if Wexford are drawn to meet say Armagh, or Cork drew to play Wicklow, the games are 99% of the time played at 2pm of a Saturday, and most people working if they are lucky to work half day or so would only be tuning in around 3 or 4pm and then the result is glossed over...

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