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Kevin Cassidy On Laochra Gael

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Replying To eunans4ever:  "What all Ireland medal did he get in the end ?"
Meant his Ulster title

arock (Dublin) - Posts: 4599 - 12/01/2021 00:37:27    2327067


Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "A fantastic channel, but I would love if they could bring back seó spóirt, a fantastic program that would rival any other sports program except maybe not the NFL show on BBC 1."
Agree, it was a great programme presented by a true sportsman and his guests were mostly ex-players who knew a thing of two about their sport.

baire (Galway) - Posts: 918 - 12/01/2021 13:16:26    2327111


Replying To baire:  "Agree, it was a great programme presented by a true sportsman and his guests were mostly ex-players who knew a thing of two about their sport."
Dara is genuinely the nicest fella you could ever meet, not a bad bone in his body, loves his football and is a great club man.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 12614 - 12/01/2021 13:31:15    2327114


Replying To ryan:  "In regards to Kevin Cassidy he is playing the media like a pied piper. The real heroes who played for Donegal and not a whimper out of them are as u mentioned,
Michael Hegarty
Damien Diver
Brian Roper
Adrian Sweeney
These are the lads who Donegal folk respect. Cassidy has built up a media profile and a myth around himself. If you were to really dig into his career, it would make for very interesting reading."
Can't let this take go unchallenged Ryan. No issue with the names you mention, all four were top Donegal players, and put in a serious shift for the county, much of it when we were playing 2nd fiddle to Tyrone and Armagh.
To suggest that Cass's contribution is not on a par is tbh just BS. He may not have played intercounty into his mid 30s like some of the others did, but he was instrumental to our DIv 1 NFL (2007) and Ulster Title (2011) wins, and hit the ground running in 2002 winning an All Star that year. Like him or not, he was a top player for Donegal for those 10 years.

PabloD007 (Donegal) - Posts: 11 - 14/01/2021 18:29:17    2327452


Replying To greatpoint:  "If it was just simply down to him wanting the ball more then why did Gollogly feel the need to roll around on the ground pretending he had a head injury afterwards? The free was given against Monaghan as well."
Because he did have a head injury! He was substituted at the same time. Aren't facts just the worst?

Subs: Gavin Doogan for Gollogly (inj) (9), Dick Clerkin for Doogan (52), Christopher McGuinness for Malone (66), Tommy Freeman for McManus (69).

Before the game McGuinness was worried about Monaghan's "ferocious hunger". He wasn't wrong. Donegal took Monaghan for granted that year. They were a different animal the following year.

FootblockREF (Monaghan) - Posts: 494 - 13/03/2021 04:18:22    2334053