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Replying To StoreysTash:  "Paid doesn't mean better though.
Whammo86 (Antrim)

I could not agree more with this. We had a paid manager with a big rep and who was supposedly the best thing since sliced bread. I remember we were on the way back to Dublin one night and one of the lads in the car said "That lad is a bluffer, every drill he had we had seen before and he never explained what some of them were for, or what the core benefit of it was"

Our club member the previous year got shafted at an AGM in favour of this expensive charlatan who club supporters were selling lotto tickets to fund."
Yes I have seen a former All-Star with no people or management skills. The only thing he brought was his own playing experience of the game that is in the rear view mirror for a long long time. It is like being told you need to get such a guy back to play he is great and would be the difference. To me the only player who will make a difference is the one who turns up in the training field every night. Why ? Because he has made an investment and the guy who was brought back for the game has lost nothing when the final whistle goes.
However it is a fact that money is a factor in getting top coaching especially at inter county level.

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