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Red Herring Of Travelling To Games

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Replying To MesAmis:  "Agree about Donegal and the Glens of Antrim, they're probably my two favourite places in the country to visit. Stunning scenery. We'd be semi regular visitors to both places as we've close friends in both.

I know West Cork well, too well unfortunately!

I've never travelled around Mayo, County Galway or West Clare but must rectify that at some point.

I'd still recommend Kerry highly to anyone personally though, I'd just avoid Dingle and Killarney for the same reasons I wouldn't recommend anyone going to Temple Bar!

With travel restrictions likely to last in terms of going abroad I'd say we'll all be looking for good recommendations around the country."
Im hitting West Cork for a few days, once the schools allegedly go back and going to hop over the home of the four in a row and head straight for Jim Gavin country to West Clare for a few days - been there for Weddings and the like but never did the whole coast ill do the Burren and the cliffs, ill report back. Going to head up to Galway City (Had thought there might be an outside chance of getting into the league game) via Kinvara for a coupe of days and onto Conamara - again ive only been there for weddings, so will give it a good explore.

I know North Mayo well, its really off the beaten track and if you like the Iveragh its just as nice and more of the beaten to death tourist track. Bellmullet to Ceathru Tadhg and that coast road scenery is amazing and beautiful beaches with no one around, Ciede Fields in out that direction to, i spent a lot of time there as a nipper in the Gaeltacht area. Then you also have Achill. Westports a nice town off peak, but if you dont like Killarney you might not like there. I'd give a shout out for Eniscrone, its right on the Mayo/Sligo border and accommodation is cheaper and a more nice provincial relaxed atmosphere and a good few chilled out pubs, i used to stay there a bit surfing of Easkey. I was down in Mayo there last month and saw they were building a new hotel in Pontoon were the old on ewas, in between Ballina, Castlbar and Crossmolina, just on the lake before the turn of for Lahardane on my way to Bellmullet.

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Replying To TheHermit:  "Ah ha ha ha, oh God lad would you ever just go off for a few days. Firstly "the miracle of Tralee" who in a county like Kerry ever refered to a League game as anything only a league game.
Secondly, you have friends?
Thirdly a Dub talking about vape shops, euroshops and Aldi?? Where are you from?!!! I suppose Italian chippers and Iceland's are culture are they.
Glad to hear you'll never darken Tralee's door again, as if you ever left the couch for a League game anyway ;D"
The only miracle that night was that they travelled outside Croker to play us the hermit :-)

Anyway from the home of the fives its over and out.

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